Sunday 12 June 2016

Growing Old, Feeling Young.

When I grow old I want to feel young. For me, my Mum is a great testament to this.......sorry Mum for the picture but I love it hehe. Before my Mum retired she was stressed, tired and quite frankly at times quite unhappy. After my Dad fell unwell and she took voluntary redundancy and early retirement she's like a new woman. She has a busier social life than me, honestly she is always doing something I can't keep up! She's happier, cheerier and so much more chilled out. During her retirement she has taken the plunge and joined the U3A (university of the 3rd age) and expanded on her knowledge and skills. She goes to French classes, goes bowling, rambles, attends talks and (OMG) at times line dances!! 

Over at bathing solutions they have a great 'breaking barriers' campaign running, it really is an important subject to discuss. Working in healthcare I know only too well that elderly people can be stereotyped and not expected to be able. Now let me tell you, do not judge a book by a cover because I have seen some of the elder generation doing things that I most certainly couldn't! It always amazes me just how young at heart some of the elderly generation are. 

Now I'm not saying my Mum is elderly because she isn't but obviously she's not young, however she is defintley young at heart. I love the concept of the breaking barriers campaign, why should elderly people be categorised. Not all older people are less capable or in need of a zimmer. 

What I like about the campaign is instilling that our senior generation are more than capable to learn new skills and start to learn new things. Take my Mum for example, although she was always good at speaking French now she is excellent, plus did you see that I mentioned line dancing..................line dancing for goodness sake, not to mention her weekly zumba classes!! 

So I guess the point is that we are never too old to learn a new skill or start something that we have always wanted to. We only get one life so we should live it. Check out the breaking barriers page for more inspiration and ideas on just how you can embrace growing old but feeling young. 

So how would you like to grow old but feel young?

* Collaborative Post.

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