Monday 20 June 2016

Dinosaur D.N.A - Review

As well as Alfie been very interested in all things creepy crawly he also is obsessed with dinosaurs. Recently we were asked if we wanted to review a 'Dinosaur DNA' kit and I knew that this would be a sure fire hit with Alfie. As we are going to be away over Fathers Day I thought the perfect opportunity to give this a go was when we paid Grandma and Grandad a visit before our hols. Now my Dad enjoys all things prehistoric and I did have an inkling that he would enjoy doing this (and I wasn't wrong!). 

So we set up a prehistoric dig camp at my parents and both Alfie and my Dad were keen and eager to get started to see what they could find. Included in the dino kit is a plaster of paris block, some excavation tools and a couple of cardboard mats. We have done some similar kits before on a smaller scale and my first bit of advice would be to set up a bit of a work area with plenty of rubbish bags for all the dust! 

The block included is quite large and firm and from what I could see on the box there was dinosaur bones to find inside and a DNA tube. 

Alfie and Grandad started to excavate using the tools provided, we found that they were ok but my Dad did have to get some of his own tools to help as they were a bit stronger, once we started using these tools we were able to excavate the bones alot quicker. It was fun but it did take quite some time before we even found any bones. It's not really something that can be rushed as the bones could be easily damaged. It suited my Dad down to a tee, he has lots of patience and is a bit of a perfectionist so he carefully helped Alfie dig the bones out and dust around them to ensure they weren't damaged. Once we found one set of bones it was easier to dog out the others. 

It was so lovely to watch them both together, I don't think you can beat a Grandad/Grandson bonding time. It is time consuming however and sometimes Alfie's attention waned somewhat but Grandad did have a lovely time by himself, he was definitley in a zone!

As I said it was fun but messy and alot of patience is required, it's not something that can be rushed as the bones and DNA could be easily damaged. Once the bones had all been discovered, the Stegosaurus was able to be connected together. The model itself is great and glow in the dark! It was a little tricky to put together but provided in the box was a little packet of soft, mouldable wax that can be used to pop into the holes and connect the dinosaur up. 

The little tube of DNA contained a couple of stickers and these stickers are used on the cardboard mats that were included in the kit. Once the stickers are in the correct place you can then download an app on your phone (either IOS or Android) and a dinosaur will then be projected once linked up (I think!). I'm yet to try this out as like an idiot when we went home I left the dinosaur and the mats so we've been unable to try the projection out yet......great idea though!

Overall, although messy and time consuming this was a great kit. So great than my Dad has asked for a more 'adult sized' one for him to do.....I know what I'm getting him for his birthday, ha! They had a great time digging and being archaeologists/palaeontologists. I would highly recommend if you have a dino obsessed child on your hands and want a good couple of hours of quiet time.

* Please note we were kindly sent the item free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, all thoughts and opinions are that of my own.


  1. I saw this on Facebook the other day but didn't read a review on it. Just saw a picture like and I was thinking about getting it for my son. It looks great and I know my little man would love this, its something different as well isn't it. Alfie and Grandad look so into it in one of the pictures they are lovely pictures of the 2 of them that you have got. xx

  2. What a cool idea - my boyfriend is sitting next to me as I read this and I know he wants one now. Are they suitable for 25 year olds?


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