Thursday 2 June 2016

Holiday Packing for the Kids!

Gearing up for a family getaway: how to pack for kids

Family holidays should give you the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind, but packing for these getaways might send your stress levels soaring. To make this process easier, here are a few simple but effective suggestions. By following them, you should be able to avoid common packing faux pas and ensure your trip away from home runs more smoothly.

Invest in good quality luggage

Your first priority should be to find the right luggage. Good quality bags make it easier to organise and pack your travel essentials. There are plenty of innovative products out there. For example, you can purchase strong yet lightweight cases and bags that make it easier to remain within the specified luggage weight limits if you’re flying. You can also find carefully designed cabin bags and cases that meet the size restrictions imposed by different airlines. Stocking up on suitable luggage ahead of your trip should make the task of packing much more straightforward and you’ll be able to find all the cases or bags you need in specialist shops or online.

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Know what not to pack

It’s tempting to pack too much stuff when you’re heading off on a sojourn with kids and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up taking a whole range of things that you don’t actually need or use. Try to stick to the clothes and shoes that you and your family will definitely wear, and bear in mind that if you have access to washing facilities while you’re on holiday, you’ll be able to re-use garments. Also, rather than taking all of your kids’ favourite toys, get them to choose a select few. After all, as long as you’ve picked your holiday destination wisely, there should be plenty of attractions to keep your little ones entertained. Another space saving solution is to pack travel-sized cosmetics and toiletries rather than standard versions.

Make sure the travel essentials are accessible

When you’re packing, take care to ensure that all the essentials you may need en route, from travel games to snacks and wet wipes, are close to hand. It’s wise to put these items in smaller bags so they can fit in the cabin if you’re flying or in the car rather than the boot if you’re going by road.

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Create a checklist - and give yourself plenty of time

So that you don’t forget anything, it pays to create a checklist before you travel that you can tick off as you pack. Do this at least a week or two before you’re due to set off so that if you discover you’re missing any holiday must-haves, you’ll have to time to take a trip to the shops or order them online.

Packing for a holiday with kids can be a challenge, but as long as you’re methodical and pay attention to tips like these, you should avoid any mistakes and keep your stress levels to a minimum.

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