Thursday 31 March 2016

My Little Bubble Box - Review

I have to confess I didn't review last months My Little Box! I have been so busy and recovering after what seems like virus after virus so  I decided not to review it and try and recover instead. Anyway, I'm back with the March box and bizarrely is called 'My Little Bubble Box'. I didn't really get the theme particularly but in the mini mag that is included the box is embracing all things big, bubbly and bright........I can live with that, it's kind of cute. 

I do absolutely love the pastel shades on the box this month, it's very pretty!

I do always get quite excited when I receive this subscription box, most of the time the products sent are really very good and I think this months is no exception....other than the balloon we got sent, this is a little random but the kids enjoyed playing with it so not a total loss! Very quirky but then that's why I like this box. 

The first item is a fab Belle de Teint Makeup Sponge (RRP £8.00), I love sponges, wet them, wring them out and your good to go, I love how they are shaped to hug the contours of the face and really make applying foundation simple. A lovely item to receive. It does take a little time and patience to use this type of sponge but used correctly the results are great. 

The next item I genuinely had no clue what it was until I read the information card! I also thought it was pronounced.....well I'm sure you can imagine, ha....... Pschitt Magique, Garancia (RRP for 30ml 14.80 euros). This is a facial peeling spray, I think it's similar to a cleanser and the instructions are to apply, rinse and you're done! I'm yet to test it out but will be curious when I do! 

My Little Beauty Bubble Blush Lip and Cheek Tint is the one item in the box that I'm not keen on, I'm not a fan of these liquid based tints as I can never get them to look any good so sadly this is an item that won't get much use even though I love the concept!

The fourth item is ace. Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara (RRP for full size £25.00), if there is one thing that I will splurge on other than foundation it has to be mascara, I really love Givenchy as a brand and have found their mascaras and other products great. I love this mascara and it's a pretty generous sample size, I would definitely consider buying this once I've used this one. 

The last item was a rather funky hairbrush (RRP £13.00), not alot to be said about what it is (obvs!) but lovely item to be sent! Always very handy to have a spare.

I really did like this months box, it was fun, cute and quirky and as I mentioned about this is totally what I love about My Little Box. Each month they make it unique and interesting and is never repetitive, definitely a box worth checking out if you fancy a new subscription!

What do you think of this months box?


  1. That does look fun. I've never got into My Little Box, but of all them, it seems the best value for money and the most interesting. Hope you're feeling better

  2. I've been intrigued by this box for a while but something always stops me subscribing, I'm not sure I can hold back much longer though! Great review!
    Em xXx


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