Thursday 31 March 2016

Reignite the Flame with Lovehoney

It can be hard to keep the flame alive after children can't it? The tiredness can be overwhelming, adjusting to life with a small human being can be hard to get used to and finding the time to spend time together as a couple (as things used to be!) or *embarrassed face* be intimate can be errrrr difficult.  Gone are the times you can have a long and romantic evening with your other half, instead it's replaced with having to grab opportune moments ......... when the kids are in bed and become masters of 'quickies', ha. It can be somewhat a shock to the system. 

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Of course it can be, at times a little taboo to talk all about sex ....... there I said it, but then why should it be? At the end of the day it's sex that makes the world go round and shock, horror how babies are produced, so if that's how things start why shouldn't couples make the effort to keep the flame lit and continue how it started. Perhaps a little help is what we need? Perhaps we need something to remind ourselves that it needn't be a chore but it can be as fun as it once was. If you're a parent, I know you're feeling knackered, I know it's an effort but try to keep things fresh, exciting and interesting, it will do wonders for your relationship.

So how can you spice things up a bit? Well perhaps heading over to the Lovehoney page might give you some inspiration......... and with these lovehoney voucher codes there absolutely is no excuse to not have a browse and perhaps buy a cheeky item or two or three! Please click here for access to codes and discounts for the website. It's also worth mentioning that by clicking through to a retailer via the My Favourite Vouchers website they will donate 20% of profits to charities so not only are you helping yourself you will be helping charities at the same time, how amazing is that! So don't put it off any longer, take the plunge and start having those moments that will blow your mind.........

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  1. hehe just read this hun!! We have errr things from Love Honey :-) xx


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