Friday 13 November 2015

The Day my Husband Stole My....

CHOCOLATE and other things that quite simply pee me off!

Take note!

Chocolate: Never, ever, ever touch my chocolate and eat the WHOLE lot, I will have chocolate rage and strop at you for the rest of the evening. Yes this was the situation the other night and my husband is still in the bad books, I have never forgiven him for eating my malteasers a few years ago *grudge*.

Touching my makeup: If I put a pound into a pot everytime I have to tell Alfie to STOP touching my makeup and expensive perfumes I would be a millionaire. Time and time again I have to tell him that it's Mummy's special things and not to touch. Does he listen? Does he heck, I am usually chasing him around hoping that my beloved Guerlain Meteorites don't get used at chalks on the walls!!! 

Oily hands: Oh my god, one of my biggest bug bears EVER is when my husband has been cooking (and he is an amazing cook so I best not complain too much) is after he has finished I head into the kitchen and literally everything he has touched seems to be coated in an oily film......arghhhhhh.......and don't even get me started on the fact that he used every possible utensil we own.

Elbows and knees: When I'm cosy in bed and in a lovely slumber until I feel an elbow in the back of my head.....and then a knee in my back (and it is definitely a knee, nothing else, ha!).

Sales: I love a good sale but I HATE seeing something that I have purchased the week before in the sale with 50% off, grrrrr. I always feel incredibly cheated.

Pictures: When photos don't go to plan....I just don't have time to spend taking countless amounts of pics, I always end up doing it though and realise it's taken half an hour to get a semi decent shot!

TV shows: I watch alot of American shows and one thing I find is you start to get into one and then they go and bloody cancel it AND never even tie up the storyline, such an annoyance.

Weird smells: You know when you can smell something and you have no idea whatsoever what it is and where it is coming from ........ yeah, that.

The coffee/tea/sugar pot: I can always tell when someone has visited and made a drink as the lids are never put back on straight on the pots......slightly OCD yes but why would you not put the lid back on straight??? It's beyond me. 

Not getting my own way: Selfish....maybe but oh I do hate it when things don't go my way or god forbid I hear the word 'no' uttered to me, hmmphhhh *bit of a princess*.

Empty: When the wine/prosecco/other suitable alternative booze is finished and I was expecting more, wahhhhh, such bad times. 

These are a few things that get right on my wick......what are yours? For more ranty posts please check out my burning questions and don't judge me!

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  1. Yep!! Could've written this myself. Especially chocolate. DO NOT EAT MY CHOCOLATE! #effitfriday

  2. I can't believe he ate your chocolate. Still in shock.....

    My other one is when me and the husband are watching a series together and he goes ahead a million episodes without me

  3. Ahh the chocolate thief... we have one of those in this house too. grr! And i totally second oily hand prints, my biggest annoyance is windows pushed open from the glass not from the handle - cue finger prints all over the glass. I feel my rage starting as i type! haha! #binkylinky

  4. Ha ha if you look at my About Me on my blog you will see "I love Hotel Chocolat. I hate anyone who eats my Hotel Chocolat. I am not being paid by Hotel Chocolat to write this."....and as for the cancelling of American TV Shows - YES! We have got to the point that we wait for the 2nd series before watching the first. Or the opposite happens and they keep dragging them on...and on...way past when they should have finished but because they are popular and therefore selling ads they keep writing more outrageous storylines to keep them going.....However having said that I am finding this series of Homeland is better than the last (although now they should just call it something totally different as it has NOTHING to do with the original story!), and series 2 of the Affair is MUCH better than series one. I think anyway!

  5. Could have written that too. Get your thieving mitts of my chocolate, it ain't for sharing!

  6. Lol lol lol - that is all - brilliant ! #BinkyLinky #effitfriday

  7. I share your chocolate rage. My hubby will buy me a bar of chocolate, then eat most of it himself. Arse!!
    And cups. He is incapable of rinsing out a coffee cup and using it again (note the cup is still warm from the last cup he drank, he has quite a habit), so by the end of the evening we have up to a dozen cups in the sink for yours trully to wash!!

  8. So so with you on people not putting the lids back on properly. My other half is the worst culprit - the biscuit tin, the tea caddy, jam jars, milk bottles... He just 'perches' the lid back on it rather than taking the extra second to twist it properly shut! #effitfriday

  9. Helen this is hilarious and so you!! The smells do my head in too as well as not getting my own way!! So funny!! xx #binkylinky

  10. I so hear you with the chocolate one! I usually hide mine from everyone, so no one knows. I also detest taking photos as I never think any of me is decent....Not replacing the toilet roll or it facing the wrong way annoys me! PS I hopped onto your post because of your picture! Hilarious! Was that the chocolate stealing day?? #justanotherlinky

  11. Lol there are just some things you don't touch great post #justanotherlinky

  12. Funny post! I also won't tolerate anyone 'stealing' my food. In fact I get a bit uptight if anyone even comes near my 'personal space' while I'm trying to eat :) #justanotherlinky

  13. The TV show thing is so weird. I remember Drop Dead Gorgeous being cancelled and thinking they could have least cobbled together an ending! #justanotherlinky

  14. Stealing chocolate is unforgivable! Unless it's me that's stealing it. Then it's totally acceptable and actually just to be expected. Love it! #justanotherlinky x

  15. Hate it when someone eats my chocolate! Also relate to the knees in the back in bed. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  16. So funny great post thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  17. Now I would totally go mad and hold a grudge with the chocolate. And the whole American to shows being cancelled - how annoying!! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  18. Haha this is great!
    Thanks for linking up with #justanotherlinky


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