Saturday 28 November 2015

Weekend Style #16

 It's weekend style time again, I can hardly believe it! Where do the days go? The 2 outfits this week are just lovely. The first one, the dress I just plucked out of the wardrobe and realised she really hasn't worn it much which is a real shame as it's now a little tight on her! Oh well at least we got another wear out of it, albeit with a long sleeved vest covered in fairies that doesn't go at all, ha. I love the dresses from M&S, they are so beautifully made and always have such a fabulous underskirt to them. It's quite summery so just popped a pair of thick tights underneath and the mismatched vest, haha.

Pink Checked Dress - M&S (unsure of cost as last season)

Floral Headband - Claire's Accessories (cannot for the life of me remember the cost!)

The next little outfit is the other new set that I purchased from Boden, you can see the other set here. As I mentioned last week I loved the little bird set so much  I had to get the floral set, they are so gorgeous! I think you can tell that Elarna is pretty chuffed with both outfits bless her!

Floral Pointelle Set - Boden (£34.00)

What do you think of the outfit choices this week?

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  1. Gorgeous outfits, the pink checked dress is so beautiful. She does look like a very happy baby this week x #TT_Thursday #FKF

  2. She is so so sweet!! I am loving both these little outfits. That pink dress is just too adorable. Who doesn't love a bit of gingham! She looks lovely and cosy with the tights and long sleeve top you've teamed it with. Eeek another lovely Boden set. She looks so happy with it! Thank you so much for linking up with us and apologies for the late comment! #weekendministyle

  3. So so cute! I miss having a baby girl to dress - Busby isn't having any of it anymore *sob* Adorable! xx #FunkyKidFriday

  4. She is just too cute, these photos are adorable :)
    I love both outfits and am also doing the same as I have too many pretty dresses to waste. Nothing a pair of tights & a long vest can't solve :)

    Thanks for linking with #WhatMyBabyWore - I will hopefully see you there again this week.


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