Thursday 26 November 2015

Girl Power (!)

I know, I know I am glutton for punishment! Sharing yet another cringeworthy photo for today throwback bit it's a goodie, ha!

In honour of my Dads birthday which was on Tuesday I bring to you a very 90's holiday shot on The Broads! Clearly I was well into the Spice Girls judging from my 'girl power' pose.......but what about my Dads shorts? I don't think I've ever seen so much of his leg, ha, blimey! Hilarious.



  1. He he this is brilliant. I'm going to a nineties party over the weekend, I might use this as inspiration. Looks like a fun holiday! Becky x #throwbackthursday

  2. hahaha! That is such a 90's photo! I love it x

  3. I remember having a skirt just like that! #throwbackthursday

  4. Love that pose and the 90's outfit too... collecting old photos is just brilliant! #ThrowbackThursday

  5. haha Helen I think I had a top like that!!! #throwbackthursday


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