Thursday 17 July 2014

Tips for Throwing a Great BBQ!!

With all this beautifully hot weather it's definitely BBQ season and in this post here are some tips to hosting the best BBQ ever!!

Tips for Throwing a Great BBQ
Whilst we may get a lot less sun than we’d like in the summer, we still like to fire up the BBQ whenever we can and get grilling. Doing a BBQ for dinner is nice enough, but it’s even nicer if you’re throwing a party, and here are some top tips for throwing a great BBQ this summer…

Get a decent BBQ
It might sound blindingly obvious but you’re going to need a decent BBQ. One of those disposable ones from supermarkets might be fine if you’re going to the beach, but to throw a proper BBQ at home you’ll need something a little more substantial. Broil King are one of the best makers of BBQ so if you have some money to splash out then you can’t look much further then them.

Have it late afternoon/evening
If you do manage to catch a sweltering hot day then you don’t want to be stood by the BBQ in the midday sun – you want to spend that time relaxing and grabbing a tan! You might find that people aren’t that hungry if it’s too hot, too. Instead, try waiting until late afternoon or evening when it’s slightly cooler and more bearable to be outside in front of a grill.

Write a menu
You can, of course, do the standard burgers and sausages but it might be fine to create a bit of a menu and change things up a little. You can have burgers and the like, but offer them on different types of bread or with various condiments, or even meats that aren’t normally served such as venison. If there aren’t too many people at your BBQ then you could even do things to order to minimise wastage. Don’t forget the vegetarians though; make sure you have plenty of nice, fresh veg available – corn on the cob is delicious when BBQed.

Pretty much everyone loves a cocktail, especially when it’s warm and sunny. Again you could write up a menu of some cocktail favourites such as Sex on the Beach, Pina Coladas, Mojitos and Cosmopolitans. This can get quite pricey if you’re getting everything in yourself, so either ask everyone to bring a bottle or to put some money in beforehand. Remember to get some non-alcoholic ingredients in so you can make some mocktails. Check out this brilliant cocktail guide for inspiration.

If you want to add some glitz and glam to your BBQ then consider decorating your garden a bit. You can but up some bunting across the garden and scatter some lights around the place to make the place look fantastic when the light begins to fade. These are some great lights for garden parties and will really help turn your garden into a stunning setting for your BBQ.

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