Tuesday 29 July 2014

Summer Salads with Florette

With all this scorching hot weather the last thing I want to do when I come home is cook a hot tea, slaving over a warm oven just does not appeal! Lucky for me I am a fan of  salad and there is something much more appealing and delicious about a freshly prepared, crunchy salad for tea.

In our small garden we try to make the most of the space and grow some salad ingredients our self. During Summer we tend to be quite self sufficient with things like tomatoes, herbs, courgette's, beetroot and a few other yummy things, however sometimes we do need to top up with a trip to the supermarket to purchase a bag of Florette Salad. One thing that I find reassuring when we use Florette salad is just how crispy and fresh the leaves are, the secret to this is simply Florette using best quality leaves and knowing exactly where to grown them to ensure a delicious and fresh product. 

One of my very favourite salads can be found in the South of France. A typical French salad with lots of crispy green leaves, cubes of blue cheese crumbled over, sun dried tomatoes and foie gras finished off with a classic French dressing (oil, white wine vinegar and mustard) and crusty bread, mmmm mmmm delicious, my idea of perfection!!!! 

So at this precise moment in time I relish the though of a summer salad to eat for tea. Salads don't have to be boring, they are colourful and exciting with so many options to mix it up a bit.

Tonight, I challenge you to make a summer salad! What would be your ideal salad ingredients?

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* This post was written in association with Florette.

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