Wednesday 2 July 2014

Simple Ways to Improve Home Security

Here is a useful article about home security, it's full of useful information and it's always worth doing some of these simple things to protect your property and belongings. 

Simple ways of improving security at home

Home security isn’t something you really want to think too much about, and you hope you never have to, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. You should always take the necessary precautions just in case the worse should happen; however, that doesn’t mean you have to create Fort Knox.

Here are some simple ways to improve security at home…

Lock it up
Installing extra locks is an easy way of making the doors a little more secure. You might even want to put a chain on the doors to tighten up even more. However, it’s not just the doors that need locking. You should think about putting more substantial locks on any window that open so that it’s harder to open from the outside. Also consider whether there are any gates outside that could benefit from having a lock installed.

Install lighting
Installing some lighting to the outside of your house can really help to deter potential intruders. You don’t have to install industrial floodlights but just having a couple of outside lights or even some stake lights will help to illuminate anyone who passes near them. Lights4Fun has both security lighting, stake lights and other types of lighting that would also work for security purposes.

Put the radio on when you go out
This is a very simple trick but an effective one. If someone can hear noise in the house then they’re less likely to break in. Try putting on talk radio if you can so it sounds like people are home and are talking.

Security cameras
This might seem a little extreme but putting up a couple of security cameras up on the outside of the house will do wonders for keeping away burglars. You can get simple cameras that just perch on a wall, whilst you can also get more technical cameras that are HD, rotate and have infra-red. However, cameras can get quite expensive, so you could also use a webcam to feed it back to your computer. You could even use a fake camera as there’s no reason for intruders to think it’s not real. Have a look here to see if what cameras you could use.

Keep things out of sight
It might sound obvious but if you don’t leave valuables on show then there’s less chance someone is going to try and pinch them. This includes anything in the garden such as bikes and lawn mowers and then inside the house too, so make sure anything valuable is kept out of sight from outside. Draw curtains at night and even remember to move things out of line of sight of the letterbox too as that’s a common place for burglars to peep through.

Put signs up
It’s simple but even just putting a couple of signs up that you have a security system or guard dog might just be enough to put someone off trying to break in even if you don’t have either.

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