Tuesday 15 July 2014

Like, Love, Loathe - Link Up

It's that time of week again, the 3 L's hosted by Bex at Futures and Sarah at Life in a Break Down ! Like, love and loathe, what are mine this week I hear you ask!

Liking: I have lots of exciting things planned in the next few months, too much in fact! I do like to be busy and love having things to look forward to but I do have to be careful of the amount that I book in advance as I have to work about 1 weekend in 4. So I am very much looking forward to the things that I have got organised. 

Loving: I'm seeing my bestie this weekend, I've known her for most of my life and I miss not living near by.  Living away from family and friends is hard but when I know friends are visiting it cheers me up. She's been through alot in the last few months, she's a tough cookie but she needs cheering up, I have a little something planned on Saturday for us all so hopefully we'll all have a nice time :-)

Loathing: Hot weather while working. Erghhhh I hate it!! Our uniforms make me feel sticky and confined. Our office, nicknamed 'The Den' is dingy, hot and stuffy, yes it's nice to be able to drive around in nice weather but I'd much rather be in comfy scrubs while visiting patients!

What are you liking, loving and loathing this week?

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  1. I can imagine you loathing hot weather so much! It's awful! I hope you have a nice weekend with your bestie too!

    1. Only when working, I love hot weather when I can enjoy it :-) x

  2. I hate working whilst it's lovely outside, it is the ultimate tease!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  3. We're quite lucky in our office ... it's huge and there's hundreds of us, like little battery hens, but it's got good air conditioning and is (almost) always cool. Unfortunately, the blinds are (almost) always shut, so we don't get to see much daylight! x


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