Wednesday 16 July 2014

My Summer Soundtrack

I love music, over the years my taste has changed somewhat but I have to confess deep down I am still a huge fan of a fluffy pop act such as Katy Perry, Little Mix or even Britney Spears!! With my summer holiday a few days ago it got me thinking about what will be on my summer 2014 play list. I also have a weird obsession with watching music videos, I'm not even sure why I just find it adds another dimension to the song.

Without further ado these are my top tunes at the moment I can't get enough of them so turn them up and I hope you enjoy.

First up, Mr. Probz - Waves. You simply cannot get a more chilled out summery tune than this, it makes me want to lie of a hot and tropical beach and sip a pina colada.

Next up is Kiesza - Hideaway. A Canadian song writer with a funky voice and a pretty cool video, it's been stuck in my head for weeks now and it puts me in a happy mood every time I hear it. 

This next video is Tove Lo feat. Hippie Sabotage - Stay High. I've been listening to this way before I heard it on the radio, awesome tune to chill too.

Naturally I couldn't feature my summer soundtrack without a Katy Perry track, this is her new one called Birthday, I wasn't keen on it at first but now I love it. 

Oh my goodness, welcome back Cheryl Cole! Love her new track Crazy, Stupid, Love. I heard this the other day and I cannot stop listening to it, such a good song.

The next song has been a grower, it's Ella Henderson (from X Factor) with her debut single Ghosts, wasn't a massive fan of her on the show but her new song is great, I'm looking forward to hearing what else she brings out. 

Another singer that I really like is Lana Del Ray, her voice is like liquid gold, so beautiful, I really do think I could listen to her all day. This song is called Ultraviolence and is from her new album which is just beautiful.

Next up is Bastille, I love this group!! They're cool, unique and bring out some bloody good music!

Last but not least I love, love, love Sam Smith. His voice is incredible and he's bringing out tune after tune that are just great. 

Obviously there are loads more tunes that I am loving at the moment but these are just a small selection and snippet into my music tastes.

What songs would be on your Summer 2014 soundtrack?
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* Please note all videos are sourced from You Tube.


  1. This is such a good Summer soundtrack, love it! I love Waves too, it's a proper chill out song isn't it! (:

    L x // bloglovin'

  2. Lovely selection of tracks I like the 1st one the best.

  3. I love Avicci at the moment so would have one of their tunes on my summer play list. Also have to put Hotel California in there, an oldie but a goody!

    1. I love Aviicii too :-) Got to love an oldie too, definitley! x


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