Sunday 11 May 2014

My bank holiday weekend as a Morrisons Mum with Brit Mums!

I was very excited to be chosen as a #MorrisonsMum over the bank holiday. Brit Mums kindly sent £80 vouchers to bloggers who were lucky enough to be chosen to spend on a normal weekly shop and create a delicious recipe for the bank holiday weekend, I love a challenge and this was alot of fun to partake in.

Recently Morrisons have cut 1000's of prices in store to provide an even cheaper shopping experience for consumers. We shop at Morrisons a few times a year and although our local store is quite small we are always impressed with the butchery, quality of meat and the length of time fresh fruit and veg last once home. 

On arrival to the store we were able to park close by in one of the parent and child parking bays which is always handy.  Before we went in to do our shop Alfie insisted that he had a go on the tractor outside, anything to keep a toddler happy eh!

On entering the store I always find we are greeted by a colourful and welcoming display of fresh fruit and veg and as this is one of the smaller stores it never seems to be overly which means we can whizz round and complete a food shop pretty quickly. There was lots of signage present advertising the price cuts and we are able to easily identify what had been reduced in price and what was on offer, such as these tomatoes and apples in the picture below. You can view more of the Morrisons price cuts and information by clicking on this link

We did spend over budget (by £50, ooops but we managed to stock our freezer up with some great items!). We tend to spend between £50-£70 a week on shopping anyway so an extra £50 on top of the £80 wasn't too bad. Over freezers are now bursting to the brim and we won't need to be buying much meat or frozen food for the foreseeable future. 

You can see by the pictures that we bought alot of stuff, we definitely took advantage of the offers available, the only thing I find with our local store is occasionally they don't stock everything we are looking for which can be a tad annoying but other than that it's great! 

Along with the usuals we also purchased the ingredients for the bank holiday meal we were preparing which was going to consist of homemade pizza's (Alfie's absolute fav!) and a Helen classic of brioche bread and butter pudding with white chocolate mousse,  which I've previously featured on this blog (for recipe click here). Having already had alot of the ingredients in the house for the pizza dough recipe and the pudding all we really needed to buy for the recipe were cheese, toppings for the pizza and a couple of extras for the dessert.  

To prepare the pizza bases my husband uses a basic bread dough recipe such as this one here, although it takes a bit of time to prepare it's well worth making your own dough for the most delicious tasting pizza bases. 

We set about making the meal, it was a joint effort and we all enjoyed chipping in. 

Alfie was pretty adamant he wanted to put the toppings on his own pizza, most did make it onto the pizza but some of the ingredients did get taste tested first!

Pepper on mine Mum!!

While we were waiting (impatiently) for the pizza's to cook, I whipped up pud ready to be cooked later on, it's a very quick recipe but so delicious. The picture below is before the brioche bread & butter pud is cooked, I have to confess I was so looking forward to having some that I forgot to take a picture of the finished item!

We  took a few silly pictures while the pizza's were cooking, Alfie spent most of the time looking through the oven door chanting pizza, pizza at the top of his voice and was pretty excited when the timer pinged on the oven to tell us the pizzas were ready! 

And FINALLY it was time! 

You may notice in the above picture there is half and half base, I am obsessed with BBQ sauce and have t have it on my pizza, I know it's not to everyone's taste but it makes me drool and for this I use Heinz BBQ sauce which I find replicates the taste of the Texas BBQ pizza base from Dominos. The tomato sauce is whizzed up by my husband with a tin of chopped tomatoes, a handful of fresh basil, a splash of balsamic, a spoonful of sugar and then it's blitzed to make it  as smooth or chunky as you wish, simples.

So there we have it our bank holiday meal of homemade pizzas and brioche bread and butter pudding, I worked this out as approximately £6.46 per person for 3 but I haven't included what we already had in the house. I can confirm that the pizza's and pud went down a storm and they tasted delcious! 

I have to be honest I didn't notice a massive difference in the costing at Morrison's, I already thought that the prices were very reasonable from past experiences. 

Thankyou to Brit Mums for the opportunity to take part!

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* Please note as mentioned above I was kindly sent £80 in vouchers to spend in store and create a bank holiday recipe to share, many thanks again to Brit Mums for the opportunity. 


  1. So jealous of all you Mums that got to do this! Looks like you had great fun making the goodies afterwards too!

    1. Ahh Latoyah it was great fun, thankyou for your comment :-) xx

  2. Wow you're very lucky to have won those vouchers, you definitely managed to buy a lot of stuff Love how Alfie was helping you! x

    1. Indeed, I feel very grateful. It was a great task :-) x

  3. Your pizza looked amazing! Love the pictures.

  4. The pizza looks so delicious! I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin and GFC. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    1. Thankyou so much, that's very kind. I have followed your blog too. X

  5. You look like a fun mum! And that pizza looks pretty tasty!

    1. Aww thankyou, I like to think so :-) the pizza was really good :-) x


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