Tuesday 13 May 2014

Like, Love, Loathe (Link Up)

It's that time of week again! Time is flying! Here are my latest likes, loves and loathes for this week. 

Liking: I am liking that I'm on holiday countdown! We're off to the South of France soon and I can't wait, I love the place so much it holds so many memories and this year we get to spend it with good friends and their children. It will be a fun, if not slightly exhausting holiday and I'm looking forward to creating some new memories with them. It's one of these things though that is so close but yet still so far away, still a fair few days of work to get through and a certain little man's birthday to celebrate at the May. 

Loving: I am loving that I'm going to see Katy Perry tonight at LG Arena in Birmingham. I get to spend time with some gorgeous girlies while having a 'poptastic' time out! I may be 30 but I still enjoy going to concerts and getting down with the kids......(haha). Bring on the fluffiness, cheese and glitter!

Loathing: Pretty much the same as last week! Still the illness reigns in the household, the germs got me last week and they are still here, although I'm not quite so ill as last week I'm still not feeling great which is just a pain in the ar*e!! I'm just hoping it doesn't do a full circle and we start the germy process again and it comes back around!

So there we have my likes, loves and loathes this week. What are yours?

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  1. Enjoy your holiday. I'm looking forward to moving into my new bedroom. We're currently redecorating. I'm loathing having a broken ankle!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Sorry to hear about your broken ankle, hope you are on the mend soon! x

  2. I am doing the countdown to my holiday x
    Thanks x


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