Thursday 1 May 2014

Jimmy's Farm - A family day out!

A couple of weeks ago on my weekend off the sun was out and the birds were chirping, it was the perfect day for a family day out.  Not wanting to travel miles and miles we made the decision to visit somewhere we hadn't been for a long time, we decided to visit Jimmy's Farm which is located about 15 miles down the road from us just outside of Ipswich. You may or may not know the story of Jimmy and how his farm has become a massive success but we have followed his journey since it was televised and are pretty chuffed to have him just down the road and the success that he has made since leaving a city job in 2003 and setting up a new life in Suffolk. Some of you may also know that Jamie Oliver is a good friend of Jimmy's (although we are yet to see him milling about the farm!). You can read more about Jimmy in his biography here.
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With it being the Easter holidays I expected it to be busy but the great thing with Jimmy's Farm is how much it has been extended so there is plenty of space to enjoy everything going on, there was also plenty of activities to keep the children entertained including fishing with Dolly, an Easter egg hunt, the activity playground, nature trail, giant sandpit and not forgetting all of the animals! 

We had such a lovely afternoon around the nature trail lots to see and lots to do, the Easter egg hunt was also great fun to participate in (although Mummy did more than Alfie and Daddy!).

 Alfie particularly enjoyed the Hobbit House and train viewing area!

The nature trail does cost to enter but is fairly reasonable (£3.50/£4.50 per adult depending on the season and £2.50/£3.50 over 2's depending on the season), the rest of the farm including the farm shop, restaurant, garden and farmers market when on are free. Sadly due to the time of year the butterfly house wasn't open yet but I can't wait to visit again when it is.

As I said above not only is there lots of animals to see and there are some really fantastic play areas which are suitable for a variety of ages, the giant sandpit was a huge hit with Alfie and while he safely played we were able to sit on the edge and keep an eye on him (or chase after him!).

It is quite easy to spend the whole afternoon at the farm, it is the perfect place for a day out, it's just incredibly family focused and friendly which is the way I think Jimmy intended it to be, not only that but very educational and there are often events ran at the farm that cement this. The farm shop is also well worth a visit for rare breed pork (initially what the farm became famous for, the sausages are amazing I can confirm) and lots of other foodie goodies. The monthly farmers markets are also great and enables you to support lots of local businesses. 

So we give Jimmy's Farm a big thumbs up and can't wait to visit again and hope that it continues to be a success.

Thankyou for reading as always!

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  1. Do you live near Ipswich? I live near there!
    I really want to go to Jimmys Farm when he does the festival thing in the summer!!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. Yes Daisy about 15 mins away and I work around Ipswich too. The festival is supposed to be really good I just haven't had the chance to go! x

  2. Looks like a lovely family day out. We don't have kids ourselves, but we are big kids at heart, so we love visiting animals lol

    1. Hi Dannii, not just for families a great day out to be had by all :-) x

  3. Oh I live in Norfolk so not too far. I really want to visit. It sounds like a fab day out.

    1. I would recommend, lovely way to spend a few hours X


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