Monday 17 February 2014

ZoeJewel - Jewellery Review

It's no secret that I love jewellery and particularly statement jewellery. Amongst my collection I have many statement pieces that I love to dress up an outfit with. When Zoe from zoeJewel offered me the opportunity to review one of her necklaces I obviously  was delighted!

A little bit about Zoe and her business:
Zoe began making jewellery back in the 90's and has gradually expanded her love for jewellery into a reputable and well respected business. Influenced by beautiful designs and natural materials used in Thai jewellery Zoe's pieces are a reflection of this and so are some of the other pieces available on the website. Within her website are pieces from various different designers which pretty much offer something for everyone. 

When I received my package from Zoejewel I loved the little satin bag that the necklace arrived in, when I purchase jewellery having it arrive in lovely packaging is such a selling point in my opinion, it immediately offers you a first impression of the brand.

The necklace I received is a beautiful 3 stranded multi-toned necklace. It feels quite weighty when first handled but once worn this is not the case. I'm not entirely sure what material the necklace is made of but it consists of 3 strands of silver, pewter and bronze colours, the detailing is almost like mini domes stacked on top of one another to create the illusion of one long strand (if you understand what I mean, the photos show this better). 

The detailing on the necklace is beautiful, I love the contrast between not only the colours used but the beaded section above the embellished section. This necklace is a nice length, I quite often wear them a bit longer than this but when worn it hangs just above the bust and it looks really lovely. 

In the above picture you can get an estimate of the size of the hoops on the lower part of the necklace and also a clearer picture of the colours, I think this is such a unique piece I haven't seen anything quite like it, this is a lovely addition to my (growing!) jewellery collection. 

For more information regarding Zoejewel please click on the link
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* Please note I was kindly sent the item free of charge, the thoughts and opinions are that of my own. 


  1. Oh wow, this is gorgeous! I love things like this with a mixture of colours!


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