Thursday 6 February 2014

Ocean Explorer Alfie with H&A Nemo Bubby Bubbles

This is our entry into the H&A Bathtime Fun Squad competition , I hope you enjoy reading it!

Once upon a time there was a little ocean explorer called Alfie. 

Ocean explorer Alfie was on a mission to create as many bubbles and waves as he could. To assist him in his very important mission he recruited a VIF (very important fish!) named Nemo. 

Alfie's main mission was to have as much bathtime fun as possible with Nemo and the bubbly bubbles! It also involved soaking Mummy lots and lots and making loads of noise! Nemo told ocean explorer Alfie if he kicked and splashed as much as he could bathtime would be even more fun than normal and he might get the chance to be part of the Bathtime Fun Squad!

Alfie the ocean explorer loved the Nemo bubbly bubbles, he found they were up to the task of making waves, splashing and soaking Mummy! Alfie the ocean explorer thought the amount of bubbles produced by Nemo bubbly bubbles was great, they filled the bath and provided a good few minutes of entertainment. Alfie's favourite moment was when Mummy took a handful of bubbles and blew them in Alfie's face making him laugh so much he could barely breathe!

The Nemo bubbly bubbles are made by the company H&A who are the new sponsors of Tots 100. Founded in 1988 H&A are a well established company that have been specialising in bathtime fun for 25 years and develop and test their products to a high standard so you can be reassured in the knowledge that the products are safe to use for your little ones.  We found the Nemo bubble bath great, not only did it produce a load of bubbles it was also gentle on Alfie's skin as it is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and we also found that a little goes a long way.  The range is widely available from Sainsbury's with a RRP of £2.00 and there is a great variety to choose from.

Alfie is such a water baby and just loves being in the bath (quite often it is a struggle to get him out of the bath!) so having a product that creates lots of bubbles is always a bonus in my opinion. I love the bottle design too, it's really appealing to children and I like the use of different Disney characters throughout the various ranges that H&A sell.  Overall ocean explorer Alfie had a whale of a time testing out the Nemo bubbly bubbles and I'd definitely purchase them again. We'd love the opportunity to be part of the Bathtime Fun Squad and Alfie would certainly enjoy it, so we're keeping our fingers and toes tightly crossed. 

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* Please note I was kindly sent the bubbly bubbles in exchange for an honest review and entry into the competition.


  1. Aaaw look at all that joy on little Alfie's face :) I miss having a bubble bath x

    1. Haha I know he loves his baths so much! I quite often get soaked though which he find hilarious! x

  2. So cute I use to love baths playing with my barbies haha x

  3. Aww!! You can see by his face he had fantastic fun! Bless him x

  4. Aww it looks like Alfie loves bath time (and his bath products). Oscar has just learnt that he can play in the bath so now it takes ages. We wouldn't have it any other way though :)

    Louise x

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