Friday 21 February 2014

Balmi Lip Balm - Review

In all honesty if you were to ask what beauty essential I simply couldn't live without it would have to be lip balm! I love and am obsessed with many beauty products but I don't think I could live without lip balm and there is not one area of the house that doesn't have some type of lip balm in the vicinity. Having bought several lip balms from New York back in December I probably didn't need to purchase anymore but guess what ...... I have! During my food shopping trip in my local Tescos this little beauty found it's way amongst the satsumas, bread, lettuce etc (much to my husbands disapproving looks!).

As you can see this is a cool lip balm, firstly, let me talk to you about the packaging. You can see why I was drawn to it right? It's hot pink, it's cute, it's quirky and it literally jumped into my shopping trolley (obviously!).  There was only the two choices of flavour from Tescos but more are available, I had the choice between strawberry or raspberry and I opted for the latter.

Balmi was created in 2010 and bares a striking similarity to the popular and cult brand EOS which I have read alot about but never tried. However I think that Balmi is up there easily competing with the big boys of lip balms. Let's get back to Balmi though, the actual cube iteslf that contains the lip balm is fabulous, it feels smooth and slightly rubbery to the touch, there is also a little key ring attachment on the actual cube which is adorable. The colour of the cube is as you would expect, a beautiful raspberry pink with the Balmi logo clearly imprinted on the top. It's too cute!!!

The lip balm itself is shaped in a cool conical design which is to enable smooth and efficient application, I love it but it's already losing some shape as I've used it loads already, I can't see this being much of an issue though I'll just use my finger to apply it once it's flattened. 
The balm is made from a lovely blend of ingredients consisting of vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter all scented with a delicious raspberry scent which smells just like a bag of skittles, mmmm mmmm!! I've found that it is so smooth to apply, is super moisturising and lasts for a while on my lips, it just smells so yummy too that I keep wanting to apply it!

Costing £4.99 and readily available from both Boots and Tescos I think this is a great lip balm, I'm so pleased it found its way into my trolley. There are 4 flavours currently available which are raspberry, strawberry, mint and coconut. I want to try them all! My next quest is to compare the balmi to an EOS lip balm so that will be my next mission!

Has anyone tried Balmi? Did you love it as much as I did?

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  1. Wow this looks cool, love the fact that it has a hook to put on your keys etc so that it does not get lost in the bottom of your handbag.

  2. I tried the mint one a couple of months ago and loved it! Now you have said this one smells like skittles I 100% need to try it haha! xx

    1. Ohh I haven't tried the mint one I prefer fruity ones though :-) x

  3. I.NEED.THIS. I am always losing mine, what a terrific idea.

  4. I bet the wife has one of these, totally obsessed with lip balms she is!


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