Sunday 8 September 2013

Guest Post - Claire's Revlon Moon Candy Nails (a review)

Today I have a post from Claire who blogs at Penny for Them. She's done a review on Revlon Moon Candy and how it isn't all plain sailing in the world of nail polish. Thanks for a very informative post Claire!

First off a massive thank you to Helen for letting me be a guest poster on her great blog! I hope the post is ok and fits alongside the normal fab posts that Helen does.

So, as my Achillies Heel is nail polish, I thought it fitting to share a new discovery with you guys.

These have been out now for quite a while, and I never thought to try them as I have a ton of polishes and a ton of separate flakie top coats, so didn't really need this, but it was being sold on a blog sale at a great price, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try it out!

I'm talking about Revlon's "Moon Candy".

As you can see from the picture, this little tube has two ends. Both have a brush attached to it, and each end unscrews to present either the colour polish or the flakie top coat.  The brush, considering its not a normal sized bottle, is actually a good size and a good condition brush to do your nails with.

The one I picked up is called "Satellite".  A deep, deep burgundy with a gold and silver flakie top coat.

The polish is so dark, that only 2 coats of it is needed, but I DID have a problem with keeping it tidy, as you might see from my posts.  If it went over the nail onto the edge of my finger, it just would not budge - with any type of polish remover (and I had to be careful as I didn't want to remove any of the actual polish on my nail!) so I did the best I could, but you probably will see glimpses of the colour peeking on my finger every so often!

The base coat I used here was OPI's natural base coat, and like I said, just 2 coats of the polish was needed, and, when that was dry, one coat of the flakie top coat was all that was needed.  The flakie coat contrasted nicely with the dark colour with flashes of gold and silver.

Although the flakie was meant to top off the colour, it didn't look quite right, so I added a coat of Gelous ( a clear top coat that leaves a really glossy shine to the whole nail) and it seemed to top it off nicely, seemingly melding it all together.

Before you say, "but it looks messy"....... I know.  And it's not just me being cack handed at painting the nails, I really can put polish on, but for some reason, this was a struggle.  You got one tiny little bit on the outside of the nail - you try to remove it, and instead of it being scraped/removed it seemed to just spread!  As i think you can see in the pictures!

I like the idea of this polish.

It gives people who aren't a complete polish addict (ie, like me) a kind of glimpse into the fact that you CAN top off a colour polish with something else to jazz it up.  If your only views of polishes are that of when you visit Boots or Superdrugs, this is probably something you've never seen before. If however, you know of Indie polishes and delve a little deeper, you know the variety of styles, colours and finishes that can be found.  

Which is probably why I, personally, felt a little let down with this one.  I can see what Revlon was trying to do and the gap in the market that was literally screaming out for something mainstream to catch up to the right decade.  Maybe I had the wrong colour. Maybe if I had something lighter it might have been easier to work with, but I'm not going to blame my tools for everything! I shouldn't have gone over the nail and I did, so my bad!

Another not-so-great point about this.  When I came to take it off with some polish remover and some cotton wipes, it was extremely stubborn to shift.  The top coat and the actual colour yes,  that came off, but I've never had such bad staining as I had from this polish! I should have taken a photo but I was so flustered at trying to remove it, I didn't think!!

I had to think about all the little tidbits that I'd heard along the grapevine about stained nails, and I remembered that toothpaste (yep, you read that right, toothpaste) can help remove the staining. I rushed to the bathroom and squeezed a little pea sized amount on each finger, rubbed it in, let it sit for a couple of minutes, grabbed the soap, and OMG, it actually works (so keep this tip in mind!!) - my nails had lost the dried blood look (sorry but it did look like that!!) and returned to white tips and pink base..happy girl again!!

Would I buy it again? I might buy a lighter colour, and I'd probably only buy it if it was on special offer. I'm too much of a polish lover to know that there are better items out there that do a great job, even if you have to have 2 separate bottles!!

I was hoping to write a great review about something and rave about it, but this is the one that came to mind when I offered to guest post, and I hadn't tried it then, so I had to see it through!  

Me being me it's probably more of an individual preference (and the triple figure polishes I have in my home!) that makes me think "maybe not" to this one.

I hope if you've tried it you've had better look than I did, and believe me I would love to see if someone had a better time than I did with it, as I do love Revlon and would like to see it redeemed a little.

Apologies for the "not-so-positive" post Helen, and I really hope it doesn't put you off having me visit again!!

In the meantime folks, as I always say on my own blog......

Happy polishing always!
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