Tuesday 17 September 2013

GlossyBox Review September 2013 - The London Edition

GlossyBox time again!! I was looking forward to coming back from holiday to see what GlossyBox had in store for me this month. Not so happy that when I got back the box had been left behind a hedge in the rain.....thanks Hermes you fools, luckily my neighbours saw it and took it in for me and the actual box and products were ok. 

This month sees another themed box and it's 'The London Edition'. Brilliant, I love being patriotic so was hoping the items inside lived up to expectation!

Firstly, how lush is the box?! I love it :-)

So what was I sent this month?

GlossyBox Contents: 

1. Eylure Pre-glued Lashes (RRP £5.06 for one set received in GlossyBox) I was quite pleased to receive these. I've had a love/hate relationship with false eyelashes, the hate part is generally the faffy application and sticking them on wonky! Pre - glued sounds a fab, stress free way of applying them but will they stay stuck is the question?! I'll keep these to use when I'm next out for the evening (whenever that will be!).

2. Dr.Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips (£11.50 for full size 15ml, received in GlossyBox 3ml) So this another cult beauty product and staple which can be used as a lip gloss or SOS balm for dry skin and obviously as a nipple balm if you happen to be breast feeding. As I've previously mentioned I used Lansinoh when I was breast feeding which is a similar product to this, I found it an absolute god send when I was breast feeding. The Dr Lipp version seems to be alot thicker in consistency though, it's a nice item to be sent but a tiny tube. I love the slick packaging though!

3. Elizabeth Arden 'Untold' Perfume Sample (£69.00 for 100ml, £48.00 for 50ml, received in GlossyBox 5ml) Another perfume sample!! That being said I much prefer to receive a miniature bottle of  fragrance to a silly vial and it's a gorgeous bottle. Not my cup of tea when it comes to the scent but I'll pop it in my handbag and I'll use it when out and about. I love the little box it came in with the quote inside, so very true :-). A nice little item to be included. 

4. Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Onyx Eyeliner ($14.00 for 3g full size received in GlossyBox) Now I'm confused by this? I thought that this box was supposed to be the London edition and the best of British? This product isn't British at all, even when I went to the Be a Bombshell website it clearly shows in the contact section they are most definitely not a British company SO as much as I love the item (which I do because it's a really nice liquid eyeliner) I can't help feeling a little let down by GlossyBox sending something out that clearly doesn't fit the theme, it's almost false advertising! Plus I received an eyeliner last month, so overall quite disappointing :-(

5. Toni & Guy HairMeetWardrobe Classic Shine & Gloss Serum (£7.19 for 30ml full size received in GlossyBox) I love a good serum so was pleased to get this, with my hair now back to blonde I need decent products to help keep it in good condition, it can also be quite hard to get a good shine with highlighted hair so I look forward to testing it out. Love the limited edition packaging too.

Overall, I would say this is a mediocre box, it could have been so much more! I feel very let down about the non British eyeliner received, with all the great British companies something more appropriate could have been included. On a positive note  I'm so pleased to see they've replaced the paper leaflet with a much more professional information card and I liked the extra little magazine that was also included. 

What did everyone make of this months selection? Did anyone receive anything different?

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  1. I love the look of this box. I did consider subscribing but the contents of the previous boxes didn't appeal to me. This one looks interesting though.


    1. This hasn't been my favourite box but I think they have been improving recently X

  2. I really love this box, the perfume is so lovely xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. my box was identical to yours i was disappointed by the eyeliner too! i put a post up yesterday about it would love if you checked it out :) xx

    An Uninventive Name

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! I will check your blog out now X

  4. This box seems like the most exciting than the ones I have seen in previous months.

    Following on Blog Lovin'

    Kate H (UK Bloggers)

    Beauty Room 101 - What Will You Put In???

    1. I think my favourite was the seaside splash box, I just felt so let down by the eyeliner and how it isn't a British item. otherwise the content was good :-) x

  5. i love the look of this box and the perfume looks lovely,shame the eyeliner was a let down and not British.


  6. I got the same box as you, I haven't actually used anything in it yet though. It's all good stuff but just not really my thing

  7. This makes me want to sign up to Glossybox!


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