Thursday 26 September 2013

Baking Mad!!

So as I'm sure you can all guess I love baking, I always have from when I was very little, the trouble is many of my puds have a million calories in them so I can't bake too often. I'm also a huge fan of The Great British Bake Off  and for those who don't know this is a program where novice bakers compete each week to create technical bakes, a signature bake and a show stopper, each one trying to get the title of 'star baker'. I would love to apply for the next series but there is no way I'm creative enough or good enough to even be considered!

When I bake one thing that I love is using decent equipment, I don't know why (pretty sure it's just in my head) but when I use good quality equipment I'm sure the results are better! I've been thinking I could do with some new baking stuff and I'm always on the look out for some quirky and retro baking items. Most accessories in my kitchen tend to be pastel colours and have a vintage feel about them so if I can find things similar to that I'm happy! I've been looking at some great retro baking bits at Handy Household and some I even recognise from my Gran & my Mum's baking equipment. Check out what I found below.  

This cooks dry measure is great and I'm sure my Mum still has hers!
Also loving these retro inspired cake tins and even more so the pink one hehe! Surprisingly I haven't actually got any cake tins (probably because cake doesn't last very long in this house!). I'm very tempted to purchase these!
I already own a blow torch but thought I'd feature this as I absolutely love mine. It's perfect for creme brulee's and getting the perfect crunchy top, not only that but they're really handy to have in the kitchen generally as you never know when you need a blow torch to finish off a dessert.

How absolutely adorable is this icing set, it almost looks like a retro first aid kit with a big syringe, I think it's great and what baker doesn't need an icing set.
There is loads more on the website and you'll be spoiled for choice! So go and check it out and be baking mad (and maybe a little barking mad too!).

Are you a vintage/retro fan or are you a lover of all things modern when it comes to bake ware? 
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* Please note this is a sponsored post but the views and thoughts are my own and it was written by me :-)


  1. Great post I love pretty retro bake ware too

  2. I have seen that dry measure before, and I just love it! It's so deliciously retro!

    Janey x

  3. WOW these bakeware look nice love to have some in my kitchen.

  4. I'm a huge fan of baking and the great British bake off too i'm loving it this year Ruby is my favourite! xx

    An Uninventive Name

    1. Ahh I like Ruby too!! I haven't quite chosen my winner yet though :-) x

  5. Ohh those cake tins are so cute x

  6. I have retro scales - somehow baking is more fun when you remove the digital precision! I love those retro cake tins too, I may need to invest! xx

    1. I have retro scales too and they're pink hehe!!! I love them! x


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