Wednesday 3 July 2013

Wine(s!) of the Week - Bardolino & Cotes du Rhone

Had a bit of a wine heavy weekend, consumed three lovely bottles but only have the evidence of two as the husband threw one bottle out! Tut! 

First up on the left is a rather nice Italian red, a Bardolino to be precise. Bought from Majestic Wines on the buy 2 Italian wines for £6.99 a bottle (normally £8.74) and what a beautiful red this is! Described as unmistakably Italian with a fresh taste. I would agree, for a red it's light and fruity and easy on the tannin's.  The official tasting notes are as follow: 'Straightforward and unmistakably Italian, this Bardolino is bright ruby red, with a freshness of fruit and a slender frame. Lingering flavours of cherry and bitter almond add a dash of complexity.'

Second bottle is a Cotes du Rhone that was purchased from a fantastic wine merchant called Amps Fine Wines which is located in the lovely town of Oundle. This is a great bottle and is priced at £13.15, described as a classic Rhone red with deep peppery and vanilla tones. I definitely got the vanilla notes and it's velvety to drink, beautiful!

More wines to come next week I expect! 

Hels X


  1. Hello Helen. Thank you for your beautiful post. We are very glad you appreciated a bottle of Bardolino. Hope we will see you on Lake Garda, where Bardolino is produced.
    Angelo Peretti
    Head of Communications
    Consorzio Tutela Vino Bardolino
    Wine Bardolino Consortium - Bardolino - Italy

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your comment and I'm pleased you like my post. Would love to come to Lake Garda at somepoint, Bardolino is delicious! Helen X


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