Saturday 13 July 2013

GlossyBox Review July 2013 - Summer Splash

As soon as I'd heard the theme for this months GlossyBox I was pretty excited. I envisaged beach hair, bronzed skin and summer colours. I haven't really been left disappointed. 

Firstly, I LOVE the box! It's so cute and a nice change from the usual pink.

Seeing as it's beach themed what better way to display than in some sandy, sunny pictures

I admit that I did see some spoilers so I had an idea of what I might be receiving. First impressions are great! My predictions were pretty spot on too (even before seeing the spoilers).  The usual paper information leaflet was included, although this month it looked a bit better with the seaside splash theme. 

So, what did I get? 

It's really hard taking pictures without shadows on sunny days!
GlossyBox contents: 

1. Coola Organic Mineral SPF 20 Tinted Sunscreen (£29.99 for 50ml full size, received in GlossyBox 7ml) I've not heard of this brand before, it's sort of a multi-tasker, it promises anti ageing benefits, to reduce inflammation and balance moisture while providing complete UVA/UVB protection. It's also lightly tinted. I think it's a nice product, I'll use it during the summer months but I honestly don't think I would ever purchase a full size one purely on the basis it's £29.99!!!

2. Nip & Fab Anti Blemish Gel/Spot Fix (£9.95 for 15ml full size received) Ohhh I like Nip & Fab products, this contains Salicylic Acid (used in spot treatments to clear spots and blemishes) it aims to help retain a blemish free complexion and gets rid of spots quickly should they appear. I am prone to the odd break out here and there so will definitely find this handy, although I did find the smell of it quite chemically.

Sunscreen & Spot Fix
3. Ciate Paint Pot in Island Hopping (£9.00 for 13.5ml full size received) Yes I know it's another nail varnish BUT it's full size and it's Ciate!!! I love these paint pots, I really do think they are the prettiest polishes around. I don't think I've got a shade quite like this, it's called 'Island Hopping', it's a glittery red shade with hints of gold. My favourite item out of the box! We do seem to have been sent quite a few nail polishes recently but I really don't mind as long as they are great brands and nice shades.

Ciate 'Island Hopping'
4. Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist (£23.00 for full size 125ml, received in GlossyBox 25ml) I don't know why but whenever I think of the beach and/or seaside I imagine having this tousled, just got out of bed hair. I don't think this mist will ever help me achieve that look if I'm honest as my hair is a bit of a nightmare to control at times and I suspect it will make it frizzy. I will give it a go but I suspect my best friend will be getting this for her hair! 

Tousled Texture Mist
5. Anatomicals Facial Spritz (£6.00 for 100ml full size received) I've read a lot of other beauty blogs not loving the Anatomicals range but I don't mind it. I like the packaging, I think it's young and fresh and the I like the quirky names for the products. Although I perhaps wouldn't go out of my way to purchase the products (I prefer other brands) I think it's a nice range. This facial spritz is nice, handy to pop into a beach bag and have around on hot and muggy days. It smells nice, it reminds me of Imperial Leather soap though which reminds me of my Grandad so not necessarily a bad thing but an old scent...if you get what I mean? A very fitting product to be included in the seaside splash theme however. 

Anatomicals Facial Spritz

Overall, ever so pleased with the contents. I will use all the products with the exception of maybe the texture mist. I love the concept of the box and the actual box itself it's so lovely. It's definitely the nail polish that wins it for me though (again!).

What did everyone think of their box this month? Anything different?
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Note: GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription and costs £12.95 inc. p&p. Please click the link for more information! GlossyBox


  1. Great products! :) I just received mine today, I was hoping for the Ciate polish but got Essie nail wraps instead but I love both brands so I'm happy :)

    1. Ooo I've not seen the Essie nail wraps! I'll head on over to your blog and have a nosey :-) It was a good box this month X

  2. I got the wraps too, they never send me polish it drives me mad! lol

  3. Fab box you have, can't wait to get mine xx


    1. Hope it comes soon, will look out for your review post :-) X

  4. Love the way you photographed the box :)

    Linda -

    1. Aww thank you, thought it was fitting with the theme :-) X

  5. This box looks fun!! I meant to cancel my subscription and forgot - kind of glad I didnt now!

    LOVE your photos, so creative!

    Sparkles &Stretchmarks

    1. Thanks Hayley, thought I'd have a bit of fun with the theme :-) I think it's one of the best boxes I've received up till now. X

  6. I loved the box this month and the way you photographed it looks great! I have a post about mine on my blog :) xx

    An Uninventive Name / Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you for your comment! I can't believe you got chocolate in your box, jealous :-) I'm making use of all the products this month.

      Hels X

  7. Gorgeous nail colour!
    Alice xxx

    1. I love it,been wearing it loads :-) Thank you for your comment, will check your blog out X


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