Tuesday 2 July 2013

A simple but yummy strawberry pud!

The weekend just gone I wanted a summery but simple dessert. As strawberries are in season at the moment and Wimbledon is on it seemed fitting! I adore strawberries, they are so lovely at this time of year and they are such a pretty fruit and incredibly versatile. I have to admit that this is a bit of a cheat dessert and I would normally make my own shortbread and coulis, but for ease I bought them in. 


Punnet of strawberries (or any other berries if you would like)
1 pack of shortbread fingers or rounds
Double cream (whipped)
Raspberry coulis or similar

Method (it's super simple!)

1. Prepare the strawberries and cut the edge of one end to make it flat.

2. Whip the double cream and put to one side.

3. Assemble the dish by placing a couple of the shortbread fingers on the plate and then putting some strawberries flat side down on top, dollop some cream on top and then place a couple more shortbread fingers on top but in the other direction for stability. Pop some more strawberries and cream on top to almost act as a cement.

4. Dollop some more double cream on top or at the side and dust with icing sugar. Finish with coulis over the top. 

Absolutely simple and so summery!


Hels X


  1. Oh my gosh all my favourite things on one plate yum xx


  2. This looks insanely yummy! Xx

  3. Hi love!
    I am running a giveaway over on my blog!
    If you want to pop over to enter that would be great!
    Much love,
    Suz x

  4. I now really want to make and eat this nom nom nom

    1. Lol, I really fancy some strawberries tonight too! Go and get some and enjoy :-) X


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