Monday 15 July 2013

The Charcoal Challenge!

I recently accepted a challenge from the beauties at Money Supermarket to throw a BBQ on a budget. They kindly gave me £50 to see how much you can get for your money and have a great time. I'm a firm believer in letting the food do the talking so this is how we got on!

We decided to get all our meat from our great local butcher (M&M in Stowupland), I always find we get fantastic quality meat for a great price, we paid £24.00 in total for all the meat we bought. We got the rest of our bits from our local Tescos and provided some of the items ourselves that we already had. Check out the pictures below and a total of the cost to see how we did!

The participants (excluding myself & Adi!)
Some of the fresh ingredients
Local meat, delicious!

For the meat we had local steak (literally from the field opposite the butchers!), venison burgers, homemade beef burgers and sausages, all fresh from the butchers earlier in the day.

We only needed to buy a couple bottles of Pepsi and one bottle of wine as we were able to provide more from what we already had at home.

Alfie wanted to help us get prepared

We bought ice lollies for Alfie (and for any adults who wanted one!), we had strawberries and cream for pud with boysenberries from our bush in the garden. We were able to use lettuce, fresh peas and chives from our garden which saved us some pennies.
Alfie loved his ice lolly!

We even managed to pick up this bucket & spade set from Mothercare for £2.00 instead of £4.00 so that kept Alfie entertained in his sand pit for a while!

In total we spent £56.15 so we went a little over budget but we got so much great stuff for that and we had a fantastic afternoon. 

Here is the breakdown: 

Charcoal: £5.00
Local meat (steak,chuck steak, 16 sausages, 5 venison burgers): £24.00
Bread buns: £1.00
Cheese slices & mozzarella: £2.00
Sweetcorn, asparagus, tomatoes: £4.50
Coleslaw: £1.00
Salad: Free from the garden
Pepsi (x2): £1.98
Wine: £9.99
Strawberries: £2.00
Boysenberries: Free from the garden
Double Cream: £1.68
Ice Lollies: £1.00
Bucket & spade: £2.00
Condiments: We provided what we already had (ketchup, fruity sauce, reggae reggae etc)

We had a lovely afternoon and the gorgeous weather made it even better. 

How do you think we did?
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If you would like to take part in 'the charcoal challenge' check out the details here: Money Supermarket, thanks to them and their generosity we had a great, fun filled family afternoon. 


  1. All this looks so yummy, I adore BBQ's in summer! :)

  2. Can I come round? This looks amazing xx


  3. Aww this looks like so much fine! I'm intrigued by what a "chuck steak" is though?! Am I being dense!?

    Sparkles &Stretchmarks

    1. Thanks, it was! Chuck steak is from the shoulder, it's great for mincing up and making homemade beefburgers! X


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