Wednesday 29 May 2013

Happy 1st birthday little man!

This weekend we celebrated Alfie's 1st birthday! I can't quite believe where the time goes.  It was quite bittersweet really, on one hand you celebrate your child's milestone of reaching a whole year, but on the other hand you suddenly haven't got a baby anymore you have the beginnings of a toddler! Madness. 

I have to admit we spoilt him quite a lot, I always thought we wouldn't as he won't remember much (if anything!) but the presents we did get him will last him for quite some time, he was a very lucky boy! 

We bought him a mini 12V electric Audi car, it's actually brilliant, much bigger and faster than I was expecting. We purchased this particular model from Amazon and was the best price we found. It's very much a 'boy toy', he loves it!

He was also very lucky to receive a Smart Trike from my parents, there is a huge buzz that surrounds these on the baby/toddler scene. Again, this is something that will see him through from now until about 3 years or so as it changes depending on age. I have to say, they are great! You can purchase these from Amazon also. 

As well as these he got so many interactive toys, keepsakes and fab outfits from all our wonderful family and friends. The kindness overwhelmed me. Where I'm going to store them all I have no idea.

Lots and lots of pressies! 

Alfie's amazing birthday cake was made by Marsha, my best friends Mum. She is an incredible cake maker, she made my amazing wedding cake too. Whenever I need a cake I wouldn't go anywhere else but Marsha! I asked for a space themed cake and she did a fantastic job as always :-)

The lovely cupcakes were made by my friend Philippa who is just setting up her new cupcake business called 'Strawberry Rose Cupcakes', gorgeous aren't they!

After all the excitement it was just too much for Alfie! Not only was it a fantastic day for Alfie but it was so nice to see everyone and have some good food, drink and a fun time. Plus the sun came out which just made the day even better. 

Here's to another year with my beautiful boy, I wonder what the next 12 months will hold? Maybe I ought to start thinking about his next party haha!

Hels X

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