Friday 31 May 2013

A splendid Sauvignon - The Ned

One of my other major passions is wine, I love relaxing with a nice crisp, fresh white or full bodied red, I love trying wine that I've never tried before and decided that I'd feature the  wine on my blog. I'm not advocating drinking but what I'm doing is sharing a love with you all :-) 

Last week we took a trip to Majestic Wines and tried some very nice wines indeed! We were quite restrained and only bought 6 bottles which is pretty good for us! On Friday evening we cracked open this lush New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc called 'The Ned', a reasonable price of £9.99 or £7.99 if you bought 2 New Zealand wines. I'm huge fan of Babich  so am always going to compare these New Zealand white's and I have to say it is a very close rival!

The Ned's tasting notes are as follows: 'A nose of nettles and grass leads to generous gooseberry flavours with a smoky herbal twist on the palate. The stony terroir gives the wine a subtle gun flint minerality which delivers extra complexity.' I often find the description of wine quite funny but in this instance I defintley get the goosberry flavour, it's also very citrusy and light, a perfect accompaniment with a light chicken dish, or with a BBQ. It's  easily quaffable on a balmy summers evening. Gorgeous!

Hels X


  1. I love wine too xx

  2. I love Sauvignon Blanc. Have you tried Tin Pot Hut - really yummy x

  3. Oooo no I haven't I will look out for it, thanks for the tip :-D XX


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