Wednesday 15 May 2013

Avon Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Nail Spray - Review

Flicking through my latest Avon brochure this product caught my eye. I'm incredibly impatient when I paint my nails and have to wait for them to dry so this 'Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Nail Spray' sounded right up my street.

As soon as it arrived I wanted to test it out so I thought what the hell if it's supposed to work as quick as they say it does I'll have no issues! I decided this would be a perfect time to test out my new Nails Inc polish in the shade Portabello that I received in the May GlossyBox (available here for £10.00 + p&p GlossyBox).

So, I quite happily painted my nails admiring the gorgeous neon coral shade, I did 2 coats and suddenly realised I wasn't really sure how I was supposed to use the Liquid Freeze. My assumption was to just spray over freshly painted nails and be good to go. I'm not so sure.................

Firstly, there is no definitive advice over how to use the product and how much should be used, I used 2 pumps per hand which seemed ample, but my word it's really oily! It has a very strange chemically smell about it too. I bet you're wondering about the overall results and whether my nails were completely dry after using it?

You can just make out the oil residue left after spraying over my nails

Well I don't think I left it quite long enough, I'd say 30-60 seconds is required to let the product actually work as when I touched my nail it was slightly tacky but after leaving it for a minute or so the polish had actually set hard! Ohhh this is quite good I thought UNTIL I decided to wash my hands to get rid of the oily residue, I cautiously used a towel to dry my hands and I smudged the polish. Disaster. How blooming annoying.

After assessing the damage it was nothing that couldn't be repaired but it did leave me a little bit disappointed. I think perhaps I was being a little ambitious by using a towel, I think this product works by making the polish touch dry but it still needs a fair few minutes to fully set. 

If I was to mark this product out of 5 if would get a 3 out of 5. The smell and the oily residue it leaves aren't particularly great but it is a pretty good quick fix for impatient people like me!

What I would like to know is how this works? Also the ingredients in it? No where on the bottle is there any English and I can't find anything online that seems to give any indication how it hardens the polish? If anyone has an idea I'd love to know!

I'm going to continue to test this out on various brands of nail polishes to see if there is any difference, it will be an ongoing test!



Note: You can buy the Liquid Freeze from the Avon online shop or via an Avon representative. Click here  f or more info Avon . RRP is £6.00 but it is on sale for £3.00 at the moment. 


  1. I've never heard of this before! Doesnt sound perfect but ok for the price! I'd like to try it :)

    Sparkles &



  2. Hello Hayley! I'd not heard of it before, I don't think it's amazing but I'm going to try it with a few different brands and see if that makes a difference! It is a good price at the moment.

    Hels XX

  3. This sounds a bit weird! I think it's the oil that helps dry the polish, I know you can use cuticle oil in the same way so your polish doesn't smudge as easily. Not useful coming with no instructions/ingredients, though!

    Jess xo

  4. I know Jess! I was surprised just how oily it is too. There isn't even instructions online either and all the ingredients are in foreign. I will be experimenting again with it later to see if works any better on my 2nd attempt at using it.

    Hels XX


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