Friday 22 May 2020

Scruff a Luvs are Back! *Review*

{Gifted Items} The Scruff a Luvs are back for Spring with a brand new collection. You may have seen our previous reviews, you can read one here, my daughter loves these scruffy little soft toys that need to be washed and brushed and cared for to become life long friends. They are super cute.

To add to the ever expanding collection of Scruff a Luvs there are the limited edition Jungle Scruffs who arrive wrapped in a vine to make it even more exciting to see who is to be discovered. There are also the cutest little Spring babies, these are super cute and come hidden in their own little carrier, twist the dummy and rub and comb their fur to discover who you are adopting. Honestly, they are just too cute. 

I think what makes these so succesful in our household is both the element of surprise and the child being able to nurture and care for the Scruffs washing them, drying them and combing them to make them look like a loved soft toy. The key to getting them to look cute and fluffy is to dry them throughly and keep coming and brushing them, it really does make a difference. These types of toys are just perfect for Elarna who loves mothering and caring for things, she currently has all of her Scruff a Luvs lined up all tucked together with a blanket, she is just so sweet with them. 

If you have a child that you would like to try and encourage a little bit of responsibility or you have a child that loves to care and mother things this could be the toy to choose. Also, if your child loves the surprise element toy then these are perfect for that as you don't know who has been received until they are washed, lovely little surprise. 

What do we love? 

-  There are lots to choose from now, all very different and cute. Bright, pastel, colourful and all with the added element of fun. We also loved the addition of the Spring babies and hope they make them a permanent feature.

- We love that Scruff a Luvs partners the RSPCA to raise money and so far have raised £110,000 for the charity, how amazing is that!

- Great little toys for role play and encouraging nurturing and caring behaviour. 

- Encourages a sense of responsibilty and each one comes with adoption certificates to make the child feel like their Scruff is just like a real life pet!

- Retailing for around £19.99 for the larger Scruffs and £9.99 for the babies the price range is great and they would make such lovely gifts.

- They come with some lovely little accessories such as combs, clips and brushes to help make them look cared for and loved.

Anything we weren't so keen on?

- Overall they are lovely but it can be hard to make them look less scruffy but the key is to make sure they are washed properly and brush, brush, brish to make them look gorgeous!

So to sum it up Scruff a Luvs are a hit in our house. They are cute, versatile and loved and a really nice toy to purchase. Available from leading retailers such as Smyths toys, Argos, The Entertainer and Amazon ranging from £9.99 to £19.99.

* Please note we were kindly sent the item free of charge in exchange for review, all thoughts are my own.

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