Friday 22 May 2020

Steps to Boosting Your Confidence!

{Collaborative content} We all want to live our lives with confidence. As The Smiths once said, “shyness is nice, but shyness can stop you from getting all the things in life you want to”. We want to walk with a strong stride and be ready for whatever life throws at us. But confidence doesn’t always come to all of us naturally. So what can you do to foster a sense of confidence in your day to day life? Here are a few steps you might want to try out!

Think Positively

Many of us are pessimistic and take a glass half empty approach to life. But if you always expect the worst you’re bound to take a step back from things that could actually take your life in a pretty positive direction. Don’t let doubt and fear of things like failure stop you from going ahead and trying for the things that you most want in life. Sure, thinking positively may take an active effort and may take a while to get used to - after all, it’ll involve a complete overhaul of your mindset. But eventually, it’ll become a habit and you'll be much more willing to try things out that you would have otherwise turned away from.

Accept Yourself and Your Life

Self-acceptance is of great importance. The more you accept yourself as a person, the mor others will accept you in turn. Grow to love the things you might dislike about yourself. Whether that’s physically, in terms of your interests or anything else.

Change the Things You Can’t Accept

If there are things that you can’t grow to accept, or don’t want to accept because they’re outright negative (such as behavioural traits that are harmful to others), change them. This could involve anything from physical changes like non surgical rhinoplasty to actively trying harder to be a more empathetic and compassionate person.

Face Your Fears

Sometimes, we all lack confidence because of fears. Public speaking is an extremely common example. People fear public speaking, so back away from it and consequently seem like they lack confidence if they’re cornered into it. Instead, face your fears that don’t pose an actual threat to you. In this situation, you could volunteer to do a presentation to put yourself in a situation where you simply have to be confident.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you lack confidence in a certain skill you have, why not simply practice? Practice makes perfect and perfection takes time, persistence and dedication. Practicing your skills in private can bring them up to a standard where you’re happy to show them off publicly. Remember, nobody ever starts out perfect. Everyone has to work on their skill to hone it!

These are just a few steps you can take to build your confidence across the board. Implement them into your lifestyle to benefit from your increased confidence sooner rather than later! It’ll make all the difference to you on a day to day basis!

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