Monday 11 May 2020

Upgrading the Garden for Summer!

I usually love this time of the year, the weather gently warming up, the garden starting to bloom and trees stunning green, the skies blue and birds chirping. Of course it feels slightly different at the moment, things aren't quite what they usually are in our garden mainly because we have been unable to plant the usual Spring flowers due to garden centre's being shut but hopefully come Wednesday this will change. We like to make the garden a little haven for wildlife and for us to enjoy the creatures that may come and visit all while being able to relax and enjoy our outside space. 

We invested in a little pond in 2019 but we weren't happy with where we initially decided to put is so earlier this year my husband decided to move it and make it more of a feature surrounded by flowers and a fairy garden with a little running stream, it looks so pretty and we're so pleased with how it is progressing, recently we have been able to add some fish to it are beginning to see some returning frogs that we had from last year which the children have been loving. It has really given us all something to focus on and since we have been blessed with some dry and warm weather it's been great for us to enjoy it. 

In this post I have created a few tips for you if you're considering revamping  or making some changes to your garden, these are just some of the things we have done over the last couple of years to make our garden an enjoyable and pleasant place to be.

- Get a decent garden patio set. We have recently ordered some new furniture for our patio to put near our pizza over and BBQ area which will allow to sit comfortably and relax, we currently have a table and chairs which we will keep for when we have more guests over. 

- Add some fairy lights, it really makes the garden look so pretty when they are all lit up at night, I plan on adding some more to wrap around the trunks of 2 of the trees to make it even more twinkly. 

- Replace your fence panels, we changed ours after some pretty hefty winds blew the previous fence down, we opted for concrete posts and it has been the best thing we've done as they stay put and the fence looks really smart and has made such a difference to the aesthetics of our garden. Do you research, hire someone reputable and of course check the cost to install fences to ensure it is within your budget. I can highly recommend making this a priority as it's amazing the difference it makes. 

- Buy some new pots and add a variety of interesting flowers, herbs and shrubs. We have a flower bed but I love adding a variety of pots around our patio and dotted around the garden, it adds some interesting focal points. 

- Become a fruit and veg grower! We invested in a green house very early on, it's amazing, we grow a wide range of tomatoes, strawberries, courgette's, beans, spring onions, cucumbers and a variety of herbs it really is fantastic and they taste so good. 

- Look after your lawn, keep it green and healthy by regular aerating of your lawn, scarifying dead thatch (grass that has died) and a bit of garden treatment every now and again. 

There are so many things you can do both minor and major to keep your garden looking tip top but I'm always amazed at just how something as simple as adding some solar or fairy lights can really improve an outdoor space. I love being able to sit outside and enjoy our garden it does wonders for us and the kids, so good for the soul. 

How do you enjoy your garden? Any other tips you would like to add?

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