Friday 6 March 2020

Lose that Lost Limb feeling of being away from your kids for a night!

{Collaborative content} Taking a night off now and again is vital for feeling refreshed as a parent. Far from being a sign of parental failure, accepting that you need a date night or similar away from the kids sometimes can help you to come back stronger than ever after the event. As such, arranging something like this at least every few months should be a non-negotiable part of your parenting calendar.

Sadly, even those of us who pen nights light these into our diaries find that t’s not unusual to spend the entire time worrying about the kids, thinking about the kids, or talking about the kids. Before you know, you’re more interested in getting them back in your arms than you are of making the most of the time you’ve got.

We get it; we really do. Being away from the children for even one night can feel like losing a limb. But, remember that taking this time is your best chance at being a badass parent every other day. With that in mind, we’ve got some suggestions to ensure a night away from the kids really does turn into a much-needed break.

Arrange care you can trust

If you’re leaving your kids with an unknown sitter, it’s natural that your brain will continually stray to how they’re getting along. You may even feel the need to call in and double-check. By instead leaving them with a sitter that you trust, you can rest easy that all is well. Family members are best for this, but recommended sitters can also work wonders.

Give yourself time to pamper

If you head to a restaurant straight after dropping the kids off, you’re sure to spend the whole time thinking about them. Make sure it doesn’t happen by arranging your evening with time to spare. The ability to come home after sorting your youngsters so you can pamper yourself will draw a temporary line under your parental duties. Take this time to crack out your makeup collection, or even treat yourself to a nail session courtesy of CND shellac. You might even just fancy a bath. Either way, let this time wash away your parental duties and ease you into an adult evening.

Talk about anything but

It’s surprising how easy it is to default into talking about kids. They’re usually the centre of everything, after all, but remember that this is a night for you. You’re never going to feel as refreshed as you might like if you spend the entire time talking about your youngsters. Instead, implement a no-kid discussion rule. Harsh as it might seem, you’d be surprised how effective it is for forcing you to come up with alternative subjects that help to relieve something of your pre-parenthood days.

Put these pointers into place a few times, and you may find that you’re able to slip into nights off like a comfortable dressing gown. Then, you can step back into your parenting skin feeling like you’ve at least retained some of your sanity!

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