Saturday 7 March 2020

Just how are you Supposed to Design a Garden?

{Collaborative content} The warmer months are slowly on their way, waving goodbye to the winter with love and appreciation. This means that once again we will soon be considering our exterior space, spending time in the garden and allowing our children to play there during the weekends and after school. The arrival of the sunny weather once more may get your creative juices flowing again, and this may lead you to ask ‘just how am I supposed to design this garden?’

When we have the ambition to make the most of our green space, we can immediately begin to feel somewhat overwhelmed by the task. It’s like staring at a blank canvas on an easel, we know that the first brush stroke to get the painting going is the hardest stroke of all, because it immediately plucks a direction out of the infinite choices you could have made, by extension limiting yourself to a certain plan.

Yet these plans can be wonderful. It’s our hope that with the following advice to guide you, designing a garden can be a carefree and worthwhile use of your time. Please, consider:

Excellent Inspiration

Finding inspiration shouldn’t feel like a chore. Some may arrange it to feel just like that, which is often borne from the idea that you need to be perfect and to try and find a perfect replica of another garden to guide your efforts. But truly, inspiration is more than that. It might come through reading gardening magazines, watching television programs or YouTube channels that shed light on someone elses’ project. You may also find inspiration walking through your local gardening centre, or heading to a larger and more impressive facility further afield.

Inspiration, from the colour depth of flowers to the beautiful arrangement of a garden path and how the lights help it look ethereal at night, will help you encourage your decision making process with more confidence, and that in itself can be a wonderful thing to build and enjoy.

Know Your Purpose

What’s your purpose for designing this garden this year? Do you wish to restore some of the natural beauty of the property now that you’re renovating it? Might this enable you to install some french doors and a beautiful deck or patio to help you entertain with relative ease as the interior and exterior of your home merge?

Might it be that you wish to grow vegetables this year? If so, segmenting space for said root vegetables can be a great idea, as can looking at the best greenhouse ideas to help you squeeze out the most value from this process. Might it simply be that since you’ve had tree surgeons completely remove a somewhat broken and rotting treeline from a property you’ve just moved into, you now have much more space to work with? That can be a great, yet humble place to start.

When you know your purpose, you can define your garden inspiration and practical decisions around that, which gives you an orientation to follow. To that end, this process will be much less confusing.

Have Fun With It

Have fun with the process. You don’t have to win any awards to enjoy a beautiful garden you most appreciate. For instance, your project for that month may be purchasing overarches to line the garden pathway, which you then paint white and line with orchids. Maybe you’re interested in building a small and humble treehouse for your children, provided it’s safe. Additionally, maybe you’re happy with opening up space for a garden trampoline for your children to enjoy, despite this cutting into space where you could have planted a flowerbed.

It’s fine to fit your garden for you, even if the colors of flowers that go together may not be the first choice of a florist, or maybe despite needing to repair a fence. For instance, sometimes elderly homeowners decide to use synthetic turf to help their garden stand out and make the environment much easier to maintain, which is understandable. No matter what you go for, make sure it makes sense to you, and allows you to enjoy this space in health and appreciation. Curating your garden space shouldn’t be a chore, it should be a practice you enjoy and take part in because you wish to. No matter if you hope to achieve that all on your own, or with the help of a landscape architect, you’re on your way.

With this advice, we hope you can better design your garden with confidence.

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