Monday 30 March 2020

Garden Lighting Guide for Summer!

{Collaborative Content} Most homeowners have some sort of garden lighting arrangement already, whether it be security lighting or decorative. However, if you want to give your garden lighting an upgrade, here is a garden lighting guide for summer!

Garden lighting guide for summer – how to enhance your features

Almost all gardens have a feature that dominates the landscape, whether it be a tree, an ornament or even a water fountain! So, why not use lighting to enhance this feature? Use ground-based spotlighting to highlight key areas that you want visitors to notice!

Manipulate the space

Ask any expert about garden lighting techniques and they will mostly discuss layers. By carefully planning out where to position your lighting, you can do wonders to the space! Use your lighting to create a striking contrast between light and dark areas, making small gardens appear bigger and adding depth to large landscapes.

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Did you know that lighting elements from behind can have a huge impact on your garden? Create an heir of mystery by placing your lighting behind your flowers, ornaments and more. It’s a great way to highlight your garden if you don’t people to see the lighting fixtures themselves.

Shape and form

How you layout your lighting can also influence how it directs the shape of objects. By placing your lighting in front of flowers and shrubs, you can create beautiful shadows in the evening that add more depth to the space. This is a great idea if you would like to change the mood in the evening!


Not only can you use lighting to change the shapes in your garden, but also to direct those who visit! Think about the areas you want people to notice more, walkways you’d like them to stick to and plan around that.

So, how would you like to light up your garden?

From wall and ground lighting to decking and pendants, there are so many lighting styles you can layer to create the perfect garden. 

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