Sunday 8 September 2019

5 Things you Need for a Housewarming Party!

{ad} You’ve just moved into your home, and that’s a reason to celebrate, right? So it’s now time to gather all your friends and family to put on a party! Here are some ideas you need for a house warming party. Poptop Parties have all you could need to get you sorted for the most amazing party! From food to DJ's, from entertainment to transport this place is your one stop shop for party planning.

With any party, there need to be invitations! Even though you have Facebook to help you out with hosting events, not everyone is on social media nowadays. So, it’s worth sending out official invitations through the post so everyone you invite, knows that they’ve been invited. With invitations, you can have fun by doing a quirky design to celebrate this occasion. It could be something personable that you’ve designed yourself or you can get templates online or buy them in bulk from various websites.

Outdoor And Indoor Decor
Even though you’re celebrating your new home, it’s still good to get some indoor and outdoor decor to help transform the place and to give it that party feel. Use this garden party preparation checklist to get started on what you’ll need. Aim for something tasteful, but that reflects your personality as a household. You may want to stick to a certain theme, and you could even think about having a dress code if you’re thinking of pushing the boat out.

Provide Some Entertainment
The entertainment is something you want to plan ahead with, especially if you’re thinking of making it a fun event. A magician is a good suggestion because this act can go around the party, mingling with guests and providing everyone a unique experience that you wouldn’t normally get for a traditional house party. You may want music at your house warming but opt for a DJ if you don’t want to be spending the evening going back and forth to your music station to change a song.

Put On A Spread
Food is definitely the way to your guest's hearts, so don’t let this aspect of the party go ignored. Think about what type of spread you’d like to put on, whether that’s a sit-down dinner, a BBQ outside if it’s warm enough or a finger buffet. Depending on the weather and sizing of your house, this could vary. It might be worth prepping this a week ahead, particularly if there’s a serious amount of cooking involved. You may want to think about planning ahead for it.

And finally, if you’re providing the food, you shouldn’t also expect to provide everyone with a drink. That might be something you want to do but don’t forget that this is your party too, so maybe ask your guests to bring their own drink! You could provide any mixers because these are cheap enough to buy in bulk. So they only need to bring the spirits, so they’re saving some money.

A housewarming party is certainly a significant event that’s worth celebrating, so get planning the event to make it special. Consider the food and drink, the entertainment and don’t forget to send out the invitations, else no one will come...

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