Wednesday 25 September 2019

Managing Stress.

{Ad} We all get a little stressed out from time to time. The modern world is a busy one. You might be running a business or going out to work, managing a side hustle, looking after your children and other family members, cooking, cleaning, taking care of your friends and trying to tackle home improvements. It doesn’t often leave much time for yourself, and it’s only natural to feel as though it’s all too much. We often start to feel tense after working for too long without a break, taking too much on, or going through a particularly tough time at home or at work. It’s normal, but that doesn’t make it pleasant.

Some people can brush their stress off, block it out and move on. But, not everyone finds this easy. You might find that your stress overpowers you. That you get stuck in a cycle of stress and tension, and that you struggle to break free. You might feel as though your stress is managing you, taking over your days and your every thought. When this happens, you might struggle to sleep, find it hard to enjoy your daily routines, and withdraw from seeing the people and doing the things that you love. Finding ways to manage your stress better can mean that you can move past it, feel happier and more relaxed, and even healthier. Here are some of the things that you can do to better manage your stress.

Take Some Time For Yourself Every Day

Do you always put everyone else first? Have you got a to-do list that leaves little time for rest? Are you the sort of person that can’t leave a dirty plate or crumbs on the side? When everything is under control, this can be great. But, it’s a delicate balance that is easily thrown off-kilter.

Stop trying to do it all. When you are feeling stressed out, ask yourself if it really matters if you leave the washing for a day? Do you need to complete your to-do list, or could you leave some tasks?

Make time for yourself, every single day, no matter how busy you are. This might be reading for a while before bed, taking a hot bubble bath, listening to music, going out for lunch, or taking a short walk. Anything that’s just for you that makes you feel better.


Exercise is a great way to improve your mental health, boost your confidence and ease your stress. Try to get into a routine with exercise, doing things that you enjoy. Burn off negative energy, tension and poor mood with activity, and you’ll feel much less stressed out.

Make Some Healthy Changes

If you smoke, shisha kits are available to get you started on making a change and kicking a habit. Making healthy swaps with what you eat, drink, and how you spend your time can all help. Looking after yourself will reduce your stress and boost your mood.

Write Things Down

We’re often guilty of internalising our worries. We can struggle to talk about things, and then, they get worse in our heads. So, get them out. Write your fears down if you don’t feel ready to talk.  

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