Monday 30 September 2019

Settling into School with Kindi Kids

{Gifted} Elarna is now well on her way to settling into school life, she is on her 3rd full week at school and I think reality is now dawning on her that she is there in it for the long run and the novelty has worn off some what. She is tired, a bit grumpy on an evening but overall is enjoying school. She is comforted that on returning home from school she has her little buddy Marsha Mello of the Kindi Kids.

The Kindi Kids are designed to help your pre schooler to settle in to school and bring their world alive with friendship and play. The Kindi Kids are also just starting at kindergarten/school so will be a friend along the way. Designed to encourage friendship, humour, imagination and discovery the Kindi Kids are a great way of encouraging your little one with the step to 'big' school which for a little one can be very daunting. 

We received Marsha Mello, a little softy who is sweet as candy, she loves all things cute. She comes with a babycino and a cakepop.....yum. There are others available in the collection, Peppamint, Donatina and Jessicake each with their own unique and colourful design and little extras to encourage more imaginative play. We were also very kindly sent the amazing supermarket play set and trolley, all these products are designed with the child in mind and to encourage playing and making friends. The supermarket comes with an assortment of shopkins and interactive features such a scanner, shop and drop conveyor belt, a little storage area, basket to go shopping with and some coins to check out!

Elarna absolutely adores Marsha Mello and the supermarket and trolley, she has enjoyed playing with them so much and she carries Marsha Mello around with her, I find it really reassuring that she loves role playing so much and she's really been enjoying this aspect at school also. 

What did we love about Kindi Kids?

- The attention to detail and concept is fantastic. Each character has its own personality and the design of the dolls is so cute with their big glittery eyes, hair accessories, changeable clothes, removable boots and wobbly bobbly heads. 

- I love the size of the doll and the supermarket and trolley, they are the perfect size for young children to play with and  be free with their imagination. 

- There was next to no setting up of the toys, simply take them out of the packaging and get playing, thank goodness because I hate faffing around with loads of unpacking!

- The price is reasonable, for the amount that these have been played with in out house they have been well worth the money.

Anything we weren't so keen on?

- I would have liked to see a couple more shopping items included in the supermarket, I would also love the ability to purchase more items to add for the market but at the moment there doesn't seem to be any available. 

- The trolley is basic for the price, there are only 2 items included which I felt was a bit rubbish, it would have been nice to see a few more items included. 

Overall, we absolutely loved the Kindi Kids, Elarna loves having a little friend waiting for her when she gets home and has played with them an awful not. She is a child that adores role playing and her imagination is growing day by day and this is echoed in her play. I love watching this side of her develop and hopefully we will be able to add the to Kindi Kids collection at some point soon! 

The Kindi Kids collection is available from leading retailers and vary in price. The dolls cost £24.99, the trolley is £14.99 and the supermarket is £29.99, there is also a refrigerator available also to buy for £19.99 which is also interactive and looks great. I have added a few more pictures below of the items to get a better idea of the bright colours and what they look like close up. Overall we adore them!

* Please note we were kindly sent the items free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

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