Thursday 29 August 2019

Awesome Bloss'ems *Review*

{Gifted} We have recently been sent Awesome Bloss'ems to review. If you have a child like my youngest (age 4) they will be into cute and quirky surprise toys. These sweet little things are all the rage at the moment. Water the plant pot and see what grows!

Included in each Awesome Bloss'em (RRP £7.99) are: 

- 1 pot with a dome and lid 
- 1 pack of sparkle soil 
- 1 leaf spoon
- A selection of decorations 
- 1 seed containing the doll 
- Instruction sheet with collector guide

The concept is very simple. Remove the outer packaging and take out the seed, remove the tab on the seed and pop it into the plant pot. Sprinkle the sparkle sand which is really sparkly and pat it around the seed. Using the very sweet little leaf spoon water the soil and seed and watch what pops out of the top! You begin to see which doll appears and you can start to identify her by her crown! Very sweet indeed.

There are 26 dolls to collect and there are 5 themes available, each doll smells sweet.....although I personally couldn't make out a scent...... and each ones comes in a little outfit and unique crown which represents her theme. They are fab little pocket money presents.

What did we like?

- They are cure little toys, very much the 'in' thing at the moment and I'm sure will be a hit

- The surprise element is sweet, Elarna loved watering the seed to make her blossom doll appear!

- Would make a great pocket money gift or sticking filler or similar

- We like that there are several characters to collect

- It's a nice little interactive toy that the child can get fully involved with

Anything we weren't so keen on?

- The dolls themselves are really quite small, less than 5cm in fact and I was expecting something a little more if I am honest 

- There is limited playability, once the doll has been removed from the seed although the base and leaf can be used there is little that can be done with the doll other than play with it away from the leaf and base.

- As usual with these toys the packaging is a bit of a pain, I can never really understand just why so much single use plastic is needed especially when these days we are trying to be more environmentally aware

Overall, we did quite like the Awesome Bloss'em dolls. I feel I wanted to like them more but there were a few niggly things such as having to throw away the seed pod and the glitter soil which kind of went ever where as we did it in the garden.....I did try my best to clear up but it was a tad tricky when the wind blew it everywhere!

Mostly, it was a hit but I wouldn't say that it's a toy that Elarna came back to again and again which is a shame. Would we buy more? Maybe but I think we have more popular toys in our house that she would prefer to collect. However, if you have a child that adores collectable, surprise toys then they will love this. I will leave you with a few more pictures of us growing the Awesome Bloss'em!

* Please note we were kindly sent the items free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All thoughts are my own, thanks for reading! 

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