Thursday 25 April 2019

Tyre Care

I've not long had my car serviced and I'm always amazed at just how worn my tyres can become over the space of a year. I remember when I was younger and just learning to drive my Dad always used to make sure I kept an eye on my tyres, monitored the tyre pressures and checked then frequently. When I did need to purchase new tyres to always use a reputable dealer, did you know at certain dealers such as Headley Tyres in Newbury which you can even buy online.  So with that in mind I have compiled a post about the top tips when it comes to tyre care.

- Check to make sure that your tyres aren't bald, treads on tyres help with grip on the road and if these are worn or wearing down breaking distance increases and it can be quite unsafe, also failing to replace tyres when they are too worn can actually result in being fined if pulled over!

- Tyres take alot of pounding and it's important to check your tyres over for any foreign objects or slow punctures for example. I once remember we checked our tyres and we had a slow puncture due to a nail embedded in the tyre which we wouldn't have known about until too late but as we checked we were able to take it to a garage and have it repaired. Headley Tyres in Newbury even have a state of the art drive through centre for all of your auto and tyre needs!

- Make sure you check the tyre pressures regularly, my husband always does this frequently as not only is goof for fuel economy but the handling and performance of the car relies on the tyre pressures being at the correct level. 

- Take the opportunity to wash your car and clean the wheels frequently, this is a good excuse to check the tyres out for wear and tear and identifying any hazards, also there is nothing nicer than a clean and shiny car!

- Get acquainted with the labelling on tyres, did you know there are lots of different symbols and letters on tyres which all mean different things such as weather conditions and the tyre age!

Can you think of any other tips?

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