Sunday 28 April 2019

Garden Renovations - Tips!

Ad {collaborative content} We....I say we, my husband is in the process of doing a few renovations to our garden. Since we moved into our house 3 years ago he has been itching to sort our grass out which for some reason is lumpy and bumpy with random holes in it. He has worked very hard on certain things within in the garden prior to this such as building a greenhouse (ahhh yes tomatoes aplenty in Summer!), we also have an amazing pizza oven and nice BBQ and seating area now and a lovely flower bed that takes centre stage in Summer when in it's in full bloom. He's worked super hard and at times we did consider some garden maintenance companies to come and advise us but for the moment he is plodding on and has recently just re-turfed one side of our garden and then will do the other side later in the year. So with the weather (hopefully) warming up I'm going to share a few tips with you that myself and my husband have learnt along the way over the last couple of years when it comes to gardening!

- First up, listen to your elders. My husbands in laws are very much into gardening and have a stunning garden that reflects this, we often speak to them and ask for advice over what we should be planting or doing with our garden, they have helped us loads. 

- Before starting any big job within the garden, clear the area you are working in, if this happens to be a large job consider getting some garden clearance quotes to bring in a company to help with this. 

- Consider hiring a rotavator to help with preparing the soil when laying turf, my husband had decided to try and do it by hand but it turned out to be a much bigger job than anticipated and hiring a heavy duty rotavator for the day definitely helped. Getting some garden quotes may help with hiring equipment and similar things like this.

- Accept help! We were lucky to have the in laws on hand when we did the lawn and it was so good as they helped my husband out to ensure that we have a great looking lawn

- Set a budget, even if this means having to do things in a chunks it's better to do this than over spend. It's also helpful to have a timeline in mind of your priorities and the ultimate end game.

- Finally, enjoy your garden! There is nothing nicer than sitting outside on a warm summers day and taking in what your garden has to offer. 

Has anyone else got any further tips?

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