Thursday 25 April 2019

Beautiful Destinations to Visit in 2019

6 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations to Visit in 2019
{Ad} If you are looking for the most exciting and beautiful travel destinations to explore this year, well you have just landed on the right page. Although there is no fixed definition of beauty in broader terms, for a wander luster, a beautiful destination is one with awe-inspiring landscapes, immense nature, rich cultures, and impressive architecture.  In case you are running short of money to fund your holiday, just take advantage of cash loan. Do not let anything come between you and your vacation. It's also worth thinking about hiring a vehicle when travelling to these amazing destinations, we love been able to explore when we are on holiday and been able to hire a car when abroad is a huge bonus. Somewhere like rental centre Crete can help you out with a car to get out and about and fully immerse yourself in what Crete has to offer.
It is indeed impossible to identify the most beautiful travel destinations on one page. However, here is a short list based on the reviews and recommendations by experts and travelers.
Koh Poda island – Thailand
Located in the Krabi Province, Koh Poda island is the largest of a group of four islands. Surrounded by beautiful clear waters, it is like a paradise with white sands and turquoise blue waters. Explore the island once you reach here and relax at some shady spots or go for a swim. Do not forget to take some pictures of the really beautiful island which is not too crowded. The entire beach is covered with palm and pine trees, and every inch of it makes for a stunning tropical getaway. Explore the coral reef that is loaded with a variety of sea life.
St. Lucia island - Eastern Caribbean
St. Lucia island nation is home to volcanic beaches, fishing villages, and reef-diving sites. Of all the Caribbean islands, this is indeed the most well-known. It is well famous for its luxury resorts and secluded beaches with postcard-perfect views. You can hike on the trails in the interior rainforests and stop at the gorgeous waterfalls. Despite being small, it boasts of geographic and cultural riches. The geologic wonder is impossibly photogenic and dotted with hidden beaches and old plantations.

Chefchaouen village

MoroccoYou are sure to get instantly captivated by the blue-hued mountain village of Chefchaouen, which is located in northwest Morocco. What is striking about the village are the blue-washed buildings and the leather and weaving workshops on its cobbled lanes. It is one of the most picturesque towns of the country that lures tourists from near and far. Other highlights include Chefchouen Ethnographic Museum, the red-walled Kasbah and a fortress and dungeon.

Santorini island – Greece

Santorini is forever shaping its rugged landscape, and the crescent-shaped volcanic island is indeed one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. The iconic whitewashed houses clinging to the cliffs are the deity of the island.  You can enjoy legendary sunsets from here or stroll across those black-pebble and red-sand beaches.

Bryce Canyon National Park – USA
Located in southern Utah, Bryce Canyon is best known for abundant crimson-colored hoodoos, the tall spires of rock jutting out from the landscape and in different colors at different heights. The sprawling reserves boast of an expansive Bryce Amphitheater that is located below the Rim Trail hiking path. Visit the Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Inspiration Point, and Bryce Point at the right viewing times. Explore the park to familiarize yourself with this special place.

4. Na Pali Coast, KauaiHawaii
The 17 miles of Na Pali Coast is defined by extraordinary natural beauty. The rugged terrain in Hawaii boasts of emerald-tinted cliffs with razor-sharp ridges that overlook the Pacific Ocean. The lush valley floor is dotted with beautiful beaches and cascading waterfalls. One can hike along the coast or run through the Na Pali Coast park on the Kalalau Trail. Although one can explore the Napali Coast in so many ways, the best views can be enjoyed via air or by sea. Take guided kayaking trips and raft tours under the right conditions.

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