Friday 26 April 2019

Top Tips when Choosing Windows

Ad {collaborative} Windows, the soul of your home letting the outside in and keeping the inside in! There are so many diverse choices when it comes to choosing windows that are right for your home. For me the bigger the better, I love being able to enjoy our garden and flooding our home with light and keeping a fresh and airy feeling throughout. I work in a room without a window and it's like working in a box, the feeling of coming home and enjoying the outside is a blessing. In this post I have compiled a few tips about how to bring light into your home using windows.

- If purchasing new windows set your budget, make sure you have your window prices in mind. There is a huge variety in costing and it really does depend what you are looking for, discussing with the company that you are dealing with beforehand will enable you to know what you can be looking at.

- Have a reasonable idea what sort of windows you are looking for, are you looking for upvc windows or triple glazed windows or something entirely different?

- Where are you going to have the windows? Are they in the optimal location to maximise the light and make the space worthwhile?

- What sort of locks do the windows have? One huge issue that I have with our current windows is the lack of safety features on them, the kids can literally open them and they go as wide as wide can be, we have had to give them very stern safety talks so they know not to open them all the way. 

- Once the windows are installed, keep them clean! This is a mammoth task in my house as I often have sticky hand prints on the windows but I do try my best to clean them weekly and we have a window cleaner that keeps them looking spick and span from the outside!

- Enjoy your windows, they truly are a way of making the most of your house and garden and are a delightful way of making the illusion of more space and keeping things fresh and bright. 

Has anyone else got any more suggestions on how to make the most of windows? 

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