Monday 28 May 2018

Casdon Hetty Cleaning Trolley *Review*

Elarna loves to clean. Well, in all honestly she likes to copy me cleaning! She will quite often follow me around when I'm cleaning and dust, sweep, hoover and mop......well try to anyway. For her 2nd birthday we bought her a cleaning set but over time bits have been lost or broken and it's sadly had to be binned. Imagine how happy she was when she received the deluxe Casdon Hetty Cleaning Trolley. A very suitable replacement for her broken cleaning trolley and she was super delighted!

The deluxe cleaning trolley consists of: 
  • A hand held vacuum with working suction (oh yes, it actually sucks stuff up!)
  • A mop and bucket
  • A dustpan and brush
  • A broom
  • Detergent bottle
  • Spray bottle and wipe
  • A cleaning trolley to store all the accessories in

There is also the 'Henry' version of the trolley available too which is in red if you don't fancy the pink version. Retailing for around £27.00 it' not the cheapest but for us it's worth the money as it's used alot, pretty much on a daily basis. I find this deluxe version much better than previous version we used to have as the other one always used to fall over as the base wasn't as good as this one. This one is much more stable however so stays upright. 

I love the way everything fits nicely within the trolley, each part has its place making it nice and tidy and accessible to the child. The accessories included are the perfect size for little ones and light for them to use. Elarna just adores it, she is often found pretend mopping the floor, dusting or doing some speed sweeping as you can see below!

Setting the trolley up takes minutes it's simply a case of snapping a few bits together and sticking the stickers on and then it's good to go. The little hoover does require 3 x AAA batteries which aren't included, don't expect to be hoovering a whole house with it mind, it will suck up little crumbs and things like that but the fact that it sucks up anything at all is genius! I have had both Alfie and Elarna to offer to help with the cleaning which is clearly a bonus!

Speed cleaning, see how fast the broom is moving!

Overall this is great, it has been a total hit in our house and a very popular toy, I love that is also encourages cleaning and tidying up. 

* Please note we were kindly sent the cleaning trolley free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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