Saturday 5 May 2018

Freshening up your Home for Spring.

Ohhh so the weather has been delightful the last couple of days. We've spent alot of time in the garden which is great but it means I haven't spent a great deal tidying and cleaning, because at the end of the day who wants to be doing that on a nice day! However, I do have a few tips to share which makes life a little bit easier when it comes to reducing the cleaning when the weather is warmed. 

  • If I know the weather is going to be nice I try and vacuum early in the morning and then I know it's done and out of the way. Sometimes I do need to go over the kitchen later in the day but that takes only 5 minutes using my cordless vac, oh I do love it!

  • I like to keep the house smelling fresh and have lots of air fresheners scattered around the house, I love a reed diffuser! In the evening I like to burn a scented candle to make the room smelling lovely, there is a huge selection available from latest deals.

  • I try my hardest to keep on top of the washing pile when it's nice outside. I find much easier to do this when I hang the washing outside to dry as I then put the dried washing away almost immediately meaning it doesn't build up.

  • Throw the windows open! It's easy for the house to become stuffy and stale when the weather heats up so open all the windows to keep the air flowing through. It also helps keep the house a bit cooler. 

  • Finally, get a cleaner! I have a cleaner coming every other week and it is so nice to not have to worry about the cleaning so much so I can concentrate on enjoying family time!
Have you got any tips for freshening up the home for Spring?

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