Wednesday 6 June 2018

Off the Beaten Track with TyrePlus

Planning a trip? Going away on holiday soon? Well I'm interested to know how you think about, what you pack, what you think before you go. The company TyrePlus have asked me to think about how different personality types affect they way we prep and plan for a trip away

If you asked my husband what I'm like before a holiday he would say stressed and annoying, ha. When I pack he would tell you that I pack a good week or so beforehand, I take way too much and I'll put my things in the suitcase and then take them out again and repack, this might happen 2 or 3 times! I like to make lists also, one for me and the kids and then a list of miscellaneous items, these lists can be quite lengthy! It's a process of deduction when I pack, I hugely stress that I'll forget something crucial. I have to admit, I'm a nightmare packer! My husband on the other hand is a thrown it all in the case the night before man, it stresses me out hugely!

It's not just about the packing before a journey that has to be thought about though it's the kids, my husband, do we take food, what electricals do we take, packing the car, if we have over night stops packing for these. There is just so much to remember! It's a bit like having different tyres on your car depending on the terrain you'l be driving on......always got to take this into account.

I like to think I'm organised, I do try my hardest to be but sometimes life really does get in the way. I'm a bit of a stress head too so when I do feel ready and sorted to head off on our holidays until we reach our destination I am constantly wondering if we've forgotten something, I'm exactly the same when heading home even if I know I've checked, double checked and triple checked where we've been staying!

I wonder if your personality is different to mine just how it impacts you when going on holiday. How do you pack? Do you do anything differently to me? Please share, I'd love to know. 

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