Thursday 10 May 2018

GlamGoo Confetti Pack *Review*

What is it with kids and slime and goo. They flipping love it. Slime seems to be the 'in' thing at the moment and all children seem to love it. We were recently sent a Glam Goo Confetti Pack (RRP £14.99) to review and it was a hit! Glam Goo is the fluffiest slime around, it's pliable, gooey, addictive and rather therapeutic! I rather enjoyed playing with it myself.

The Glam Goo Confetti pack comes full of items that are needed to have a fun time playing with the slime and creating some unique and cute jewellery. 

Included in the confetti pack is: 
  • 1 x container glam goo (fluffy slime)
  • 2 x accessories a bow bracelet and bunny charm
  • 2 x slime decorations (named dance mix and rainbow party)
  • 2 x colours (have fun and happy)
  • 1 x scent (so peachy)

The goo feels strange to begin with, kind of tacky and gloopy, it's recommended to reduce the stickiness to it add the colours and sparkles and run it through your hands which should reduce it somewhat. 

We opened the kit one rainy afternoon and Elarna immediately took to rolling and pulling the slime, we experimented by adding the dance mix and party mix making the goo fun and colourful.  Elarna loved adding these, although we did lose a fair bit over the floor......

We experimented with the 2 colours, oh the colours are so gorgeous, glimmering and sparkly, they really add a special touch to the goo. As with things like food colouring the more you add the more intense the colour. Our hands also took on a beautiful sheen too, ha!

We added some peach scent to really make the glam goo unique, although I felt you needed to add quite alot to be able to overpower the slight whiff of the goo. Once reached the desired scent it smelt really nice and was a nice added touch to the kit.

Once Elarna had decided that she was finished 'prettifying' her glam goo it was ready to go into the jewellery. Elarna loved the bow bracelet, once we'd filled it once we had to start over again and make more glam goo to go in it, eventually she'd decided that it suitable and we put it inside the bow and she didn't take the bracelet off for the rest of the day!

We had a lovely time playing with the glam goo kit, it's good value for money and you can reuse the goo if you store it in the container with the lid tightly closed. We didn't manage to get more than 2 uses out of it however. 

What did we like?
  • It's cute and quirky, I liked all the little extras that came included in the kit we played with it together for quite a while which was great
  • It's fun, as I said above kids seem to love slime and goo so this was a hit
  • There is lots available in the glam goo collection so you can buy more to add on
  • Suitable for age 3 and above, small parts are included but not once did Elarna put any of the bits in her mouth
  • Would make a great gift for a boy or a girl, even Alfie loved playing with it

Anything we weren't so keen on?

  • Overall we really liked it. It is a bit disappointing that you can't reuse it over and over again but the slime does tend to dry up 
  • The colours and the extra additions can get a bit messy so be prepared!

We really enjoyed the Glam Goo kit, we will definitely be purchasing more and I would buy as a gift also as it's unique and quirky. Has anyone tried Glam Goo kits before? What did you think?

* Please note we were kindly sent the item free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. We tried out this kit and my girl loved it. She loves all the Glam Goo sets.
    It looks like Elarna had fantastic fun x

  2. Ah I have a feeling Evie would absolutely love this! It's right up her sort of thing, she does love getting crafty. #BloggersBest

  3. This looks fab. Ella would love this, although thankfully she's not mentioned slime in a few weeks!! #bloggersbest

  4. Aww, great job, Elarna! We love Glam Goo here too :)

    Louise x


  5. It looks fun, but I'm kind of glad I missed the slime stage with my kids - play doh was bad enough. Looks like a good set for a gift! #bloggersbest

  6. We have tried this stuff and the grem loved it!! It really is very sticky at the start though :-) x #bloggersbest

  7. Looks like fun but I agree with Joanne - play dough was a nightmare! Elarna looks so cute!


  8. Oh I love a good bit of slime! Kids love it don’t they and it’s so great for sensory play. Doesn’t seem much in the pack? #bloggersbest

  9. I can see this going down very well with younger children but oh yes keep that lid tight shut for best value just like with play doh etc. #BloggersBest

  10. Sorry you couldn't use it too often, but it's a fun little idea. I think my oldest niece would love it. #bloggersbest


  11. This looks like lots of fun! I think there's a lot of little kids out there who would love to have a go with this - great for a rainy day.

  12. Oh this looks fun! I don't know what it is about slime but my two love the stuff as well! I think Elarna did an awesome job ;) x #TheGreatToyReveal

  13. We’ve seen these advertised and they look great for slime fans! Love that you can accessorise them too x #TheGreatToyReveal x

  14. We have had a couple of Glam Goo sets and I do like that it has a purpose. #bloggersbest

  15. I used to love slime when I was little - I'm sure there wasn't so much around as there is today though! #bloggersbest


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