Wednesday 9 May 2018

How Clean is your House?

3 signs that your home is dirty
Everybody has a different perception or opinion about when things are clean or not. Some people believe for a long time that things are clean when, in fact, they are far from. Here are 3 signs the Helpling cleaning crew often tries to find out to determine how dirty a place is.
We know very well that cleaning a place is no fun. In fact, it is something that most people really hate to do. We can fully understand this opinion. That is why we are offering an affordable cleaning service. Nevertheless, people often fail to see and understand the need for having their house cleaned. Here are three signs that you can use as a measuring stick. The moment only one of those signs appears, you’ll have to start cleaning immediately.

  1. Unwanted pets considering your house a safe-heaven. Mice, cockroaches, mites and even rats feel very comfortable in dirty places. By the time you really start competing with them for a place at the table, you will already be too late. You might as well pack-up and leave as it will become a mission to re-claim your own kingdom. The best you can do is look out for those small signs like bread or cheese laying around on the kitchen counter with bites taken from it.
  2. Dominant unwanted smells, stains and spots. The moment you start to wonder what colour carpet or curtains you actually had, you better start saving money for having them replaced. When the situation is that bad, you will hardly be able to recover. When your place is taking on all colours in the rainbow you better start cleaning quickly. Rainbows are nice but not in a place that was originally decorated in black and white.
  3. When family and friends urge you to come over their place or go out for drinks as they simply don’t want to visit you at your home. Not having to bother hosting your in-laws or some acquaintances can be nice but there are always people you actually prefer to have over. It is likely that those people also don’t feel comfortable visiting you because your place is too dirty.
There are many more indicators that you can use to determine whether it is time for you to start cleaning. Falling ill is a good example, however: most people manage to build up enough strength or passiveness that they will not be able to link their illness to their dirtiness.  *
* Collaborative content

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