Sunday 19 March 2017

Mothers Day Wishlist!

With Mothers Day just around the corner I thought it would be a nice idea to put together a little gift guide/wish list. After all who doesn't like a little bit of spoiling on the day that's supposed to be an appreciation of Mums, Grandparents etc. Who am I kidding though, for me it'll probably be like pretty much every other day except that I'll be seeing my Mum!

I know what I would really like this year (apart from some lovely flowers), there is a new spa opening near us and I would love some vouchers treat myself, but failing that a bluetooth speaker from HMV so I can blast some tunes out in the garden over Summer  and on holiday would be marvellous! Music really cheers me up so being able to play plenty with a bluetooth speaker would be great.

Extreme WallRide Artist Edition Bluetooth Speaker (Image 1)

As I said above, flowers are always appreciated. I love having some fresh and pretty blooms in the house, I find it cheers the place up and makes the house seem like a happy place. My personal favourites and tulips and lillies, but anything bright and colourful is a winner in my eyes. I got these beautiful rainbow lillies from my best friend the other week and they are still going strong, they are stunning. 

I'm also a huge lover of jewellery so how about some beautiful jewels? What Mother wouldn't want to receive a gorgeous necklace or bracelet, made especially more sentimental if the child has chosen it or even designed it! There are so many options available these days, my kids know that I love pink and anything sparkly, I'm fairly easily pleased haha.

It's also so lovely to receive hand made gifts from the kids, I love getting cards and little keepsake gifts that they make in nursery and school....... it's just so sweet and it's something to keep for years to come, I love that they've made them and put some thought into it. I've got a right collection of things that have been made for me in the last few years, sadly I did lose a couple of things in our fire but mostly they are all ok. I love looking back on them, so if buying gifts isn't really an option it's a lovely thing to do and make something. It also keeps the kids entertained while making something!

Of course there are lots of options to buy gifts, the shops are full of pretty things but most of all enjoy spending time with your Mum and have a relaxing day!

* Collaborative Post.

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