Tuesday 14 February 2017

Shopping with Xupes!

Imagine if there was a place that you could buy amazing, second hand designer pieces at a snip of the original price. Imagine that you could browse all sort of amazing designer items as the touch of the button, these items are high end, luxury goods but actually are pre owned and in amazing condition. 

Well there is such a place......say hello to Xupes! This fab boutique is both online and in form of a shop tucked away in the depths of Hetfordshire. You can browse online to your hearts content or book an appointment to visit the showroom and see the goods in real life.

With over 7000 items in stock ranging from second hand Balenciaga bags to antiques and fine arts as well as pre-owned Omega watches.

Luxury Watches

Offering a unique shopping experience, Xupes is well worth checking out if you are a bargain hunting fashionista or just have a love of all the fine things in life. 

Established in 2009 Xupes has been steadily building its reputation and offers integrity, honesty and professionalism when buying and selling with them. There is also the offer of a watchmaker in house to clean, refurb and repair any watches you may have lying around that could do with a new lease of life. There is also handbag and jewellery servicing which is an added bonus. 

So if this has whet your appetite go and check the website out, I guarantee you will be drooling over all of the fabulous items!

* Collaborative Post. 

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